Painted Rocks Movement

Important things to consider.

 A new movement to spread joy, fun, and creativity has launched across the U.S.A. People of all ages are painting funny, crude or inspirational rocks and hiding them for strangers to find. The goal is to spread joy or a little laughter for everyone.

However, as with most things, Moms and Dads are getting their children into this too. Which is great! But there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you start your Rocking Adventures.

1.) This isn't Easter, this is not just a kids thing. It is a family thing. My kiddo has fun painting a mess of rocks and wanders off after busting 10 out in less than 5 minutes. (Kids, right?) Then I am left alone to paint the bottom of her rocks white and put the local Facebook groups tag on it. (check your local Facebook groups for rock groups) At this point, I am left alone to paint my own rocks and just let creativity flow. Remember to take time for yourself and paint some rocks that speak to -you-.

2.) All rocks will not be found. Out of the 100 rocks, we have hidden in public spaces and various places only about 6-7 have been posted in our local groups. Please remember that the point is to bring smiles to strangers, to make their day. The purpose is to spread joy, love and a little humor. If my kiddo and I never see one of our rocks posted up in our group, we don't assume they got vandalized, thrown away or lost. We imagine someone found it, they smiled brightly and probably kept it at their work, home or in their pocket.

3.)We need to set the expectations early that rocks, once painted and hidden are no longer "ours". We made something of beauty and it now travels its own path forward. If it makes its way back to the page it could take days, weeks, months, even years to be posted or never at all. Just enjoy making art in the moment and let it loose.

4.) If you are having a hard time locating rocks, top rated suggestions are Parks/Playgrounds or outside popular businesses. (Please don't hide them inside the stores)

5.) If you are going to parks please remember to hide rocks on the main trails and in places where people won't destroy nature trying to get to them.

6.) If you are not finding rocks in your area, hide some. Get others into it and before you know it you have rocks being found.

7.) This is a movement of love and creativity so it will demand patience and tolerance. If a rock is found that you disagree with, put it back down so it can find the right person to go home with. "This one is not for us honey, let's keep looking."

8.) If you are painting rocks you should use Sharpies, Gel Pens, Acrylic Paints and a good sealer to protect your rock and keep it alive longer.

9.) Don't hide rocks where you know the grass will get mowed. It will get obliterated and make someone's day really sucky.

10.) Don't hide rocks behind car tires. People don't usually check the back of their tires before pulling out to go to work. On top of that your rock will probably shatter or give someone the scare of their life when they roll over it. (holy shit, was that our cat?!)

In conclusion, be mindful of your surroundings. Join your local rock painting group. Remember to smile and have a beautiful day.

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