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Our Roots

The Basis and Fundamentals You Were Grown On

Our Roots, What We Are Built On

When people ask your family history, where you come from and the fundamentals on how you were raised, one thing pops into mind. Our roots, the basis of all foundations. The very foundation our grandmothers were raised on, our mothers and aunts/uncles, the strong and sturdy roots my very own grandfather was brought up on, my own father and brothers all the way down to the current stop on the roots at my heaven sent nephew and neice. We think of the people who hold us up, build us, and grow with us. I'll water this tree as long as the roots continue to grow.

It's hard for me to imagine the women I am today without each and every person who has helped mold or shape me. That time gramma taught me how to bake or cook her favorite recipes, the day my mom said she accepted my mistakes and stood by me as I corrected them, the time I recieved my blackbelt and my instructor hugged me and said "I'm proud of you, my girl," my brothers being there to protect me when I've needed it, or my sister for being my partner in crime. All these things have made me who I am and made me feel the love, feel proud and honored to be a Havener and Lafleur or just be Raee.

As you're reading this, I hope all your favorite good and bad memories have been scattered over your brain and you think of your roots, the foundation, whether sturdy or shaky, that you were brought up on. I hope maybe a relationship or friendship can be fixed or moved on from. I hope something sparks in you to continue watering your roots.

It's easy for us to get caught up in drama or negative energy but we can't get rid of the fact that everyone on your branches and limbs are there for a reason. I may not want leaves to grow on that limb anymore but I want that limb to stay there. I've lost some major players on my tree and I couldn't help but want to just throw it in the fucking mulcher but I've stopped and let it be. Let it rot; it won't break the women, men, and children we are today.

As we grow older, things move faster it seems and life feels shorter. I don't want anyone to waste their time on something that isn't making your foundation stronger. Waste your days on the good things, take your children to see someone you want in their life, teach them what your grandpa taught you, tell them stories show then pictures and teach them their roots becasue it will be a part of their own trees. Take yourself out to the farm and remember all the times with your uncles, start a tradition at Christmas, and keep an old one.

We are stumps, broken branches, and dead leaves. We are beautiful tall oaks and spuces. We are multi coloured leaves in fall. Your tree is yours. Water it and learn to love it through all the seasons just like you've learned to love everything that makes you who you are.

Our foundation cannot be changed for we just grew on it; we didn't build the first layers or even seconds or thirds. These trees were planted long before we knew... Our job is to add to it. Our children's children will have a project in school one day about their ancestors, their heritage, their family tree. Your tree may be new or it may be old but it's our job to keep it alive. To learn and grow from it and with it.

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Our Roots
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