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My Mother

The Best Mom Ever

Strong & Independent Woman

This woman right here is strong, funny, independent, and awesome. And she also loves God. That is my mother. She is the best, most awesome, and most funniest mother in the world. She has taught and showed me a good example of an awesome mom. She has raised me and my siblings very well. My mom inspired me to become the most wonderful mother to my children. I don't know what I would do without my mom in my life. My mom has been there for me since I was born. When I needed advice or help with anything, she was there to talk and comfort me. We have so many good, funny, and bad memories that we cherish together. All the times we would go out with our cousins and have a good laugh about life. Going to the casino with my mom was so much fun. And just going for a ride and getting something to eat and talk about things. We are kinda a lot alike. We love the same music, movies, and a lot more you can name. We love a lot of 80s and 90s rap, r&b, pop rock. Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Wham!, and New Edition. She even loves the music I listen to like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Greyson Chance, and Jonas Brothers. Movies is our girl time thing. We mostly watch action, comedy, and a whole lot more. Some of our favorite things to watch are George Lopez, Kevin Hart, The Avengers, Empire, and Bernie Mac. When I was little, I would do things to just annoy the heck out of my mom. She would put something on the counter, then I would knock it down. And I flushed her homework essay down the toilet. I would laugh, but she would give that look like,"You are going to get it." Another time was when we were at the circus in Michigan, and we rode on an elephant. My mom got so scared and yelled, "I wanna get off this big thing," While we were climbing off the elephant, it pooped so hard that we felt the floor kinda shook. It's hard to believe that we also had sad and not so good times. We cried together so many times. When I lost my grandma when I was younger, we just held each other cried. But we also cherished memories of her. My mom and I would always help my grandma cook and clean around her house. Sometimes we didn't agree on things, but we talked it out together and tried to make a choice that way. Sometimes my sisters and I get on her nerves, but she understands, because she has an older sister herself. Even though I don't have an older sister, my mom is like a big sister to me. I love spending time with her! She even helped through tough times too. When I got married, she gave me the best advice to both my husband and I.  I could always count on her for anything. I love that she is always there. She was there with both of my births with my son and daughter. When I needed a break, she would take one or both of the kids and let me take a nap or get things done around the house. My husband and I go to her for just about everything. When we want a date night, or time to ourselves, we call her and she comes and takes the kids. I am so blessed to have a mom like mine. My kids love her so much. They love spending time with their Gigi. I love my mother so much. I wouldn't want to trade her with anyone at all. That is what I call a strong independent mother. I love you ma!

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My Mother
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