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My HG Pregnancy

My Experience with Hyperemesis Gravidarum Thus Far

I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is also known as HG. HG is rare and happens during pregnancy. It is defined as excessive vomiting during pregnancy, which causes dehydration and weight loss. HG also comes with extreme nausea which makes eating almost impossible when it's at its peaks. I was diagnosed at about 10 weeks.

This is my first pregnancy. I never heard of HG before I was diagnosed because of how rare it is. I started getting nauseous about 2 weeks after conception. At almost 6 weeks is when it was getting so bad I couldn't stand working anymore, and had just found out I was pregnant. I didn't want my child to get hurt and I was getting dizzy at work. So I quit. Soon after, I was diagnosed at the ER. I thought I was being overdramatic and weak, but there is something actually wrong with me, which of course no one understood.

The first time I went to the ER I had been vomiting for over 24 hours. I was dehydrated and dizzy. I couldn't eat or drink anything (including water). I was worried that my baby was going to die because I was so sick, which actually happens to some women with HG. It makes you feel hopeless. 

Depression is very common with HG. It's hard not to end up with some sort of depression. A lot of women with HG also have had to quit their jobs. Some, like myself, were the main providers. You can't do things you love. It's hard to spend time with people you love. I can't go to the gym, work, go shopping without an electric cart, dance, and so much more. I missed Christmas Eve and Christmas because I was in the ER. I was throwing up on my anniversary. It's soul crushing.

When I quit my job I wasn't diagnosed yet. When I tried to explain I need time off or I'd have to quit because my pregnancy was making me too sick my employer said it was just pregnancy. I knew I was too sick, but hearing to essentially just "suck it up" was jarring. I almost passed out and hit the oven. I ended up quitting without doing two more weeks. I felt bad but they didn't understand so what could I do? I told them after I found out; they still didn't understand or care.

I wish there was some cure or perfect medicine, but there isn't. Zolfran is a common medicine prescribed, but it doesn't help everyone. It also just makes it easier, but nausea and vomiting usually still occur. There are also no specific "safe foods." People always suggest saltines and ginger but it doesn't cure us like people expect. A lot of women with HG can't stomach either one. I'm sorry if you're reading this hoping for a cure, but it's a guessing game. Keep trying different things and hopefully something works.

If you have HG, there are support groups online. Try different doctors if you are ending up in the ER and are not getting any real help. Usually 6 to 20 weeks is the worst, but unfortunately for some women it doesn't end until birth. Try explaining HG to your spouse and/or friends and family. Hopefully one will be willing to help you. I still have 20 weeks before I'm done and I still get nauseous.

I found out the gender recently. It helped me feel like what I've went through and still somewhat go through was worth it. He's healthy. He's big and has a strong heart. He moves A LOT which is good, but does cause me some nausea. Despite all of the hospital visits and setbacks I am growing a healthy baby boy. It's still not simple, though. I just hope everything continues as well as it is physically for me and my baby. 

I hope this has helped shine some light on HG. If you or your spouse is dealing with HG, remember it isn't because you weren't healthy enough and you have to work with it, not against it. HG isn't being dramatic. HG is real. You aren't alone if you have HG, but you probably won't meet anyone in person with out meeting them online first. You can do this. Don't give up.

If you have any questions I didn't answer, please do some research of your own. I am definitely not an expert.

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My HG Pregnancy
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