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My First-Born Has Encountered Seven Terrifying Incidents While Growing Up

Raising children requires a great deal of endurance, physically and mentally.

Raising children is the most challenging and toughest job on earth. Children are prone to all kinds of accidents which sometimes are life threatening. You have to keep your sanity while raising them. Your eyes and ears should always be on—24 hours a day.

I have raised three energetic boys and a girl. My firstborn, Mark Oliver, was a healthy child. Like any normal child, he was very active in playing, running, jumping, tumbling, swinging, and climbing. His being so active, caused him unforgettable and terrifying incidents.

First incident: When Mark was eight months, he got allergic to the medicine that I gave him because of a fever. 20- minutes later, big rashes came out from all parts of his body, crying endlessly until he had shortness in breathing. We run to find a taxi, my husband carrying him without any slippers on and headed to the nearest hospital. He was given a first aid in the emergency hospital and was sent home after three hours.

Second incident: When he was ten months and still crawling, he found a bottle in the floor, and drank its content, a little drop of gasoline. I saw him feeling dizzy and smelled the gasoline. My husband and I panicked and carried him right away, again without slippers on, run to the nearest medical clinic and was sent home after his dizziness was gone.

Third incident: When he was three years old, while tumbling and jumping with playmates, his head bumped on the floor and his right forehead was cut. Blood oozed and my husband sent him to the hospital and stitches were done.

Fourth incident: When he was five, I came home from the office and learned that he bumped on the floor while playing with his playmates, and his left forehead was cut, and again blood oozed. I immediately followed them to the hospital. When I got there, I almost fainted seeing different kinds of patients in the emergency room because blood was everywhere. I saw my son crying but I couldn't go near him because I faint whenever I see blood. I just waited in the lobby. We were sent home after the stitches were done.

Fifth incident: When he was 14, we were in a family outing in a private pool in Laguna, when his left foot was cut by a broken tile right in the pool where we were swimming. He was not able to walk because of a long wound and blood oozing. He had to be carried to the nearest hospital. 15 stitches were done on his foot and it took several days before he was able to walk again.

Sixth incident: When he was 20, he was rushed to the hospital due to severe stomach ache and he was moaning. His appendix was already dilated and an immediate surgery was done.

Seventh incident: When he was 30, while serving as a fireman, his feet were accidentally soaked in a grassfire, thus he suffered a second degree burn which needed a hospital confinement for four days.

Those harrowing incidents were part of my experiences as a mother. My four children are all grown up and have families of their own.

Here’s a quote from Nicole Ari Parker: “Raising children use every bit of your being—your heart, your time, your foresight, your intuition to protect them, and you have to use all of these while trying to figure out how to discipline them.”

Through constant prayers, no more terrifying incidents occurred. He is now 43, a family man with three children. Thank God he is now safe and free from those heart wrenching incidents.

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My First-Born Has Encountered Seven Terrifying Incidents While Growing Up
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