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Mother's Day Treats!

It’s nearly that time of year again, the time where we show extra love and appreciation for the leading lady in our lives: Mums.

Every year, shops stock up on chocolates and flowers, however, this year I am looking for more alternative ideas that will have your mum feeling super loved!


Photo via Unsplash

Is your mum an adrenaline junkie? Or does she love to release her inner Mary Berry? Courses and thrilling experiences are just some of the ways you could be treating your mum this year. There are so many ideas ranging from jumping out of a plane to learning how to cook up a storm. These mini adventures will create wonderful memories for years to come and could even be a once in a lifetime opportunity!

They don’t have to be things that she has to actively participate in either. You could treat her to a fancy night at the theater showing of her favourite play or even afternoon tea at a super fancy venue where see can feel like royalty for a day! Maybe a day out shopping so she can pick out a beautiful outfit or even pay for her to get her hair done, before relaxing and letting the show begin.

Pamper Gifts

Photo via Unsplash

Going with experiences, sometimes your mumsy may not fancy a thrill or cooking (again!) which is why you could gift something to help her unwind and relax. Mums do so much for their families so its time to let her put her feet up and be pampered by the professionals. So, why not gift a pampering gift voucher? This way she can book in a treatment at a time that suits her! These are fab experiences to help relieve stress and improve general health which is what we all want for our lovely mums!

If heading to a spa is too expensive, you can always reach out to a mobile masseuse and let the spa come to her. Furthermore, save even more pennies with creating an at home spa through gifting a hamper that includes all little luxuries like soap, nail polish, and face masks so she can self-pamper at anytime in the comfort of her own home. Maybe some pop in some sweet treats like her favourite snacks and even a bottle of bubbly to complete the full at home spa treatment! What's great about this idea is that it can last a while and she can dip into it whenever she feels she needs a little pampering.

The Big Get Together

Photo via Unsplash

Sometimes getting all siblings together can be a feat if you all live pretty away from each other, however maybe this year you could attempt to get everyone under one roof? Maybe even as a surprise! If you are surprising her, don’t forget to video it—might get an absolute gem of a video that you can keep and reflect on for years to come! Throw a huge dinner with all your loved ones to give your mum a day to remember. If everyone brings a dish or two, you will have a feast fit for a Queen in no time. Also remember, do not let the special woman lift a finger—you’ll have to fight between yourselves about who is going do the dishes!

These are only a few of the lovely things you could be gifting your mum on Mother's day. Even though these are amazing ideas, the most important thing about this day is that you spend quality time with her. Nothing would make a mum happier than having all her loved ones around!

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Mother's Day Treats!
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