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Mastatic Neuroblastoma

My Two-Year-Old Son

The day before chemotherapeutic treatment 

I don’t have custody of my son. His name is Easton, his birthday is September 15th, 2015. I was struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and I just couldn’t give him the time and attention that he needed, so I signed him over to his grandma and grandpa; his father's parents. Last Thursday morning I decided to sleep in. I woke up around noon and checked my phone. I had numerous calls and messages from his aunt Shonda saying I needed to call her ASAP. I jumped up and started panicking. I knew something was wrong with my baby Easton. She told me that she had a cold and was around Easton and he started to show signs of being sick so his grandma took him to his pediatrician. They said he had a viral infection and sent him home with antibiotics. Then he fell off his grandma's bed, so of course the next day he was limping so she rushed him to the doctor and they scanned his entire body and found out he didn’t have any broken bones, that maybe the infection he had was affecting his leg, to give him Motrin and ice packs and he would be fine.

The Motrin worked. He was fine for about a week. Then his other leg started to hurt so she decided to take him to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock where they did tests and said the same as the pediatrician and sent him home. He went another week just fine. Then one morning he woke up and he cried of pain. It was both of his legs and his neck. His fever was also spiked. She’s rushed him back to the children’s hospital where they admitted him and started fluids and IV antibiotics. His leg was still hurting so they put him to sleep and cut his hip and washed it out thinking that that would work. He started to act like the normal, healthy kid that he is. Then his other leg started up so they prepped him for a second washout but decided to do another scan to see if they had missed something. Sure enough, they missed a tumor the size of his kidney in his stomach, so they took him to the OR and removed the tumor. Surgery went great. They got the tumor and it wasn’t on any organs, and it came out clean. They then did a test to see if it had spread. I got the worst news that day. He has it in his neck, on his skull, on his spine, his sternum, hips, and both legs. They started chemotherapeutic treatment and he’s just gotten sicker. The story ends here because we haven’t made any more progress. There will be a part two because we have faith that he will make it into remission and he will beat this cancer. He is in stage four now and updates will be posted. 

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Mastatic Neuroblastoma
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