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Living With a Toddler

There is no love on this planet like the love your children bring.

I live with a toddler every day. From the moment I wake up and when I close my eyes, a bright, cheery toddler stares at me with his lips stretched into a loving smile.

He's mine and I'm his. 

There is no love on this planet like the love your children bring. You can be on the verge of breaking down, but one smile, a hug, or a word from them can make all the bad things melt away in an instant. However, living with a small toddler isn't always easy.

There's always a 100 parent chance that there will be at least one temper tantrum from them, if not more. There's a chance they wont listen to you no matter how many times you tell them; they might not eat the homemade meal that took you hours to make; or they wont do something you want them to. Yeah there's a lot a toddlers can do that can drive you mad.

I'm a stay-at-home mum. That was my choice. The last thing I ever wanted to do was miss the joy of bring up my son. As he grew older though, everything became harder to deal with. Whilst his dad worked, I cleaned, cooked, and kept this little human who depended on me alive, over and over again. It's all I did.

I hardly got any time to myself because most of the time, I sat down, he would wake from a nap and wanted all of my attention. For months, I got on with it but I never realised how much of myself I lost whilst doing that. When he was finally around nine months old, I started getting me time, not because no one would help me before, but because I was finally willing to accept other people's help. However, even though I was getting that time, waking up every morning at six, and doing the same things I did the day before, became boring, and the days dragged.

I never realised how tiring living with a toddler could be. There was always some sort of food lying on my carpet, toys lying everywhere, and so much more that made me want to rip my hair out, but I didn't. Even though he causes me unimaginable amount of stress, I'd never want to be without him. He's made me a better person. I'm lost without him. I couldn't imaging not seeing his smiley face every morning or not hearing the words "I love you" come from him. Living with him is hard, but every second is worth it.

In this house, I've watched him speak, crawl, laugh, and walk for the first time. All the bad feelings were worth it because of that. He's worth everything.

Living with a toddler will never be easy or perfect, but I'd never change it. There were times when I wished it could be easier but I know for that to happen, my toddler will need to grow. So from now on I'm taking in everything, indulging all the bad, because one day—hell—he will be grown, living his own life, and I'll be longing for my little baby to come back to me.

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Living With a Toddler
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