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Living the Crazy Life

This is my story of being a stay at home mom and all life's crazy turns in the chapters of life up until now.

Our announcement for our 2nd bouncing baby boy! 

   My life is amazing, but needless to say it's nothing less than a crazy chaotic circus! Within 2-3 years I became a mother of two beautiful boys, got married, got a puppy, and moved 5 times before buying the house we are in now! Did I mention I am only 22 or that my husband is only 20? 

We got an early start to our life when after becoming childhood sweethearts at ages 15 and 17, dating for roughly 3 years, finding out my husband’s senior year we were pregnant with our first son Bentley. Mind you dealing with all the judgement and negativity that came along with that was a challenge in its own but we still were very lucky to have lots of love and support along the way. Fast forward 8 months, our crazy journey began after a hospital visit and results saying I had Preeclampsia and was than induced within a couple days. We were absolutely terrified. I was only 36 weeks pregnant and had not yet prepared myself for what was to come. Through many complications and medication 17 and a half hours later, our son was born, 6 lbs 14 ounces. What we thought was the hard part (yes I know crazy thinking, parenting is nothing short of complicated) was actually the easy part in this journey. We had no idea we would find out 2 years later our first little angel would be our apraxia child with challenges I never knew, but i will go into that later. 

So in between having Bentley and finding out we were pregnant AGAIN 7 months later, we had moved  twice and gotten married. We were obviously crazy in love but the challenges were arising quickly and our first year of marriage was filled with lots of stress and anxiety. My husband, Jesse, began a job for a trash company while attending college. The trash was a never ending job so he was up by 4 am and out the door until somedays 6 pm than too soon after turn around and head to the door for his nightly classes. So I was pretty much taking care of my oldest alone with barely any help. Being a stay at home mother has a lot of benefits but when you have barely any relief from taking care of kids all day it gets to you. When we got our second surprise positive pregnancy test, the depression crept up on me faster and I found myself more upset than anything about our next child. I know that sounds bad but I promise it will get better. 

The next 7 months were pretty much eventless, same routines, nothing changed, so I will speed up the story a little to get to the more excited parts. 7 months into my pregnancy, after Jesse graduated from college with his associates in welding, we soon moved to the place we had dreamed for so long to move to. We picked up our little small town life and moved it to the bigger “city” type life. Life finally settled down a bit, Jesse found a job working 8-5, we settled down into our first house here and things quieted for awhile. 

Our marriage grew stronger finally, we were able to get excited and happy about our upcoming child even though it was scary having two children under 2. Than that blessed day came 40 weeks and 1 day my bubbly smiling 8 lb 4 ounce Mr. Rhett was born 24 hours later. Life started to pick up than! I mean you think I would have expected the craziness with two young BOYS, but I don't think I was expecting everything that came with it. 

So now that you have seen a good portion of our life in the last few years, I will rewind a little and go back to Bentley's life a little and explain more into his apraxia. For 9 months Bentley had major texture issues, he was not even trying to communicate and was growing at a very slow rate. He was able to eat baby food at 9 months finally and only very few solids. We thought at first with how much he would randomly spit up that maybe he was allergic to dairy, beings both his parents are, so we went dairy free for months. We were getting frustrated because that wasn't working and he still wasn't gaining as fast as he should have been. My 9 month old was wearing 6 month old clothing. Nothing and noone were explaining anything. We did research on why my soon to be one year old still wasn't saying anything other than “dadadada,” a lot of what came up said it's just every individual child. So we brushed it off and went on with just doing all we could for him. 

Arriving upon my dear Bentley’s second birthday, we had found our home we decided we were going to purchase (after moving two more times in between) and decided to finally settle down and live life as a stable happy family. Well let me tell you this, it's fun but living life with all boys in the house but me is crazy. The bumps, bruises, fighting, pushing, wrestling.... needless to say testosterone definitely rules my house! But would I have it any other way? NOPE! 

Sorry I tend to digress and get off topic, what can I say, I stay home with kids all day so my conversations with adults tend to be minimal, oh well back to Bentley’s story. After turning two and still barely two words coming out of his mouth and still unable to eat textured foods without throwing up, his doctor finally sent us to Bentley’s new best friend, also known as his speech and occupational therapist. Upon analyzing him we were than told he has something called Childhood apraxia, which if you are not aware of what that is (do not worry my friend, I had no idea either) it is, in simple and easy terms, where he doesn't have some wires that connect all the way which in return causing his sensory skills to be off. This leads to pretty much his whole system being off on things a “normal” child at this age should be spot on with. So to end up his short story after two years of wondering and worrying, we are 4 weeks into his speech and occupational therapy and slowly making progress towards our end goal! YAY! 

To wrap up my short story (that’s definitely not over, I mean we are only 20 and 22) we finally are able to enjoy life in our new home knowing the boxes can be fully unpacked, we can make friends and that God’s plan for us has just begun. This chapter in our life is slowly coming to a close with many more chapters yet to be written. But the fun part is, life's a crazy rollercoaster! So my question is, what’s next?

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Living the Crazy Life
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