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Living at Home

Family Values

Now, we have all been there in the same scenario…going away for college and enjoying the college experience and actually living on your own for a bit. On the weekends you would visit home every other week, weekend, or holiday right? Well in my case, I have finished college with my Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration from California State University, Channel Islands. It was an amazing experience when I was attending the campus. Having the freedom of having my own dorm room and sharing a room with a roommate was a great experience. After college ended, I had to move back home with the grandparents after living on campus for two years to finish my Bachelor’s Degree.

At first, I was nervous to move back home because of the judgement I would get from my other friends who actually have their own apartments or homes. I thought I would find a girl that I could actually see myself with after graduating from the college, but things never worked out so I have been single since then. After the month of December, I actually started enjoying to be back home living with my grandparents. Being able to help out my grandparents with the daily chores such as cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, front and back yard have been very helpful. Living with my grandparents has been a blessing to me because I do not know what I would do without them in my life.

Living with them eliminates worrying about paying for bills. I work as a freelancer for businesses throughout the UK and the US with marketing their business, products, or who needs business consulting advice. I pay for some of my bills such as the cellphone bill, credit card bills, and such. I am unable to purchase my own apartment yet because I am trying to start my own business and building up my clientele as well. Sometimes, I will even give the grandparents extra money or pay for some of their outings as well. Staying home gives me more freedom to save my money and put more money into stocks so I can have some money when I retire in the way future. I have invested over the year of doing stocks at least $1,000 from my multiple paychecks and etc.

Living at home also gives me more privacy in my room. For example, I have a PS4 and TV in my room. I have multiple electronics and a huge shoe collection…mostly Vans. By the end of this year and next year while living at home, I want to expand my business from Fiver and PeoplePerHour so I can see more profit and actually have more money to be financially stable to move out of the house. Not having to worry about car payments for a while has been very helpful as well. Saving on traveling as well with the grandparents especially since they have multiple time shares around the state and even in Hawaii as well.

My grandparents are not getting younger so we help each other out on everything in and out of the house. I help them around the house and controlling their finances and they pay for my stuff as well. Regardless, I am thankful for having my grandparents by my side and I would do anything for them anytime of the day. I suggest to everyone if you are looking to live in your own place after college, wait and just stay at home and save money if you can so you can get money to afford your own place.

Hope you enjoyed what you read above about the benefits of staying at home for myself. If you need any business advice or even help with your current business. Here is my link for my business on Fiver. If you liked the article, add a tip so I can get a step closer to opening my business in the future as well.

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Living at Home
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