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Life with a Famous Sibling

Hippo Campus

I can guarantee the first thought going through your mind after reading the title of this story is, "who is the famous person?" Now, I am not going to blow your mind and say my sister is Miley Cyrus or my brother is Ashton Kutcher. But in fact, my brother is Nathan from the band Hippo Campus. Never heard of them? 

That's fine. Look them up. Or not.

If you like their music, cool. If not, cool. 

But this is what it is like for me being the sibling of that one guy in that one band. First of all, I have known all the guys in the band for a very long time and we all consider ourselves siblings to each other. Biologically, Nathan and I are siblings. The other guys I have only known, since I met them, as my brothers. But what it is like for me to have a brother that is getting asked for interviews, photo shoots, video shoots, business meetings, pictures and autographs by fans? Eccentric. 

When we go out to eat in Minneapolis, most of the time someone will ask for a pictures or will want to talk with Nathan. I think it is really fun and different from other lifestyles. My brother and I look very much alike if you can't tell from the picture up above. And so when I go to their shows, many people can recognize me from the fact that we look so much alike and also because of my Instagram. I get DM's regularly about such:


  • Personal questions about any of the guys in the band
  • Tickets for concerts
  • What it's like to be Nathan's sister
  • To be my friend
  • Ask for my number
  • Ask for the bands' numbers

And so many more that would take up a majority of this post. Don't get me wrong, the attention is pretty neat. Not saying I am a stuck up snob who wants to get famous from her brother's "status." But if you were in my position, you would probably be thinking the same thing. I have taken some pictures with fans and have been given several gifts such as shirts, jewelry, artwork, and other valuables. And it makes me feel so special to be receiving such gifts from random strangers, as odd as that sounds. Being the sibling of someone who is musically successful has made a change in my life because now my lifestyle is now open for the world to see. Whenever I post anything, I get more feedback because of these fans wanting to feel some close connection to the band through me.

The worst part about my situation I live in everyday is everyone wants to say they have some type of connection to this "famous band." For example, in high school, I did not have a huge amount of close friends. I had those types of friends who would want to be your friend when it is convenient or beneficial ONLY for them (that's another topic for another time). As soon as my brother started to get bigger, "friends" from high school would contact me and gradually ask me if they wanted to get coffee with me. Luckily, I am smart enough to see through it all. But in an emotional way, I would get very offended by the fact, these people did not want to encounter with me in 2015, but now it's 2018 and they feel it's a "good time for them" (convenient and beneficial). Not everyone is a friend people.

Hippo Campus is a part of my life. No, I am not in the band. But the band is a family that is continuously growing. 

I love them all. They suck. But I love them all.

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Life with a Famous Sibling
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