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It Goes a Long Way

Be kind to people whom you love and even strangers. A little smile or asking how your day is going; it could go a long way. When I smile at strangers, they often smile back.

Parenting is the same way, especially for those who have a strong-willed child. A smile or a kind gesture could go a mile away.

As individuals, we are responsible for keeping ourselves happy. Doing what we enjoy doing with our love ones or by yourself. My boys enjoy going to McDonald's Restaurant and they do not get tired of it at all. Just by going to this fast-food place makes their day. Now, I know as parents we can not always make our children happy, but it is the little things that count. The memories that we create with our children are what they remember the most.

My grandmother played a huge role in my life growing up. I remember her taking my sister and I to church with her. She would buy us pretty dresses and shoes for this two-hour service on Sundays. It really made a difference in my life and I will not forget sharing those Sundays with her. Thank you Grandma!

Another kind gesture that I show to my children is renting a movie on Friday night and eating lots of popcorn. They look forward to this because they can watch a different movie of their choice.

Expectations: we all have them for our children, colleges, friends, family, and others. Some expectations are set too high and others too low. What the video shows is that the main goal should be to show more kindness than expectations. To be involved in our children’s lives by being interested in what they like to do. Sometimes a parent must ask himself or herself, what could I do today to show kindness to my child/children. How can I show that I care?

Education is significant, and I understand how our children should make good grades. However, as parents, we should take a deep breath and take a small step at a time. Which means have fun with helping your child do his or her homework. Make it out of a game! When I was teaching my son his numbers, he started throwing the flashcards on the floor. So instead of putting them in the correct order, as I planned, I told him to say the number on the card as he threw it. Boy, did he have fun!

If you are a parent, you are your children’s’ teacher as well. What we model our children see. So, if we are saying "Thank You" to the cashier, then our children will learn to say it as well. If we are being polite to the grocery store crew, someday our children will too. They are watching with their little eyes and is all ears.

I received a gift from a friend who I only spoke with once. It was a coffee cup and a Bible set. On the coffee cup it says: “The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way.” Not sure who wrote it; however, I do enjoy reading it when I drink my coffee.

Have you ever wondered as a parent, if you done everything right? Or if you could make things right again, for those of you with older children. Well, you can! Kindness could go along way. Even if it is not your own child/children be kind to someone else. Help a mother in the grocery store or encourage a parent that you see today.

Thank you for parenting.

Tanzania Suliman  

Tanzania S
Tanzania S

Hello All,

My goal here is to speak on parenting and family. I know much about it! Although, I do not have all of the answers, I can share my advice, opinions, and experiences with you; I am a mother of three handsome boys. Tune in!

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