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It's Me or Her (But Not in Those Words)

The Tale of the Crazy Mother-in-law

How I Feel All the Time

Me and my partner have been together eight months, but have known each other over two years now. We began dating, and have flown quite quickly into the love thing. His family is scattered all around the place, including his mother who lives right at the bottom of our country. But the woman has some issues.

I met her for the first time at a show me and my boyfriend did together, and she said the loveliest things to me, "It's nice to know my boy is in such good hands when I'm away." Ah, how sweet and lovely she is, right? WRONG. The woman is a lie. She is the most manipulative woman I have ever met, and I'll tell you for why...

I get an angry phone call from my boyfriend the next day, "Why was your family so rude to my mum last night?"...What? This is absolute news to me. 

Turns out his lovely mother had lied about my family, telling my boyfriend that my mum was so rude to her and ignored her all evening, despite me and my boyfriend literally saying "Isn't it nice that the mothers-in-law are getting on?" to each other at least four times in the evening. Not only that, she had also said that she wouldn't be surprised if my brother ended up in jail for kiddie fiddling. My brother is the nicest and most loyal person you'll ever meet. This was a bit of a red flag to me straight away.

This continued, her lying about me saying quite nasty things to my boyfriend and manipulating him to the point of believing her, despite him being present when said thing wasn't actually said. He then clicked, and was a bit frustrated that his mum had convinced herself (and I do think she actually believed them, too) I'd done all these horrible things.

May I also add, she has met me twice. TWICE.

It got worse and worse, including sending my boyfriend the most horrifically abusive and manipulative messages about how I was doing everything she was doing. I've never had such bullying and I was a proper weirdo in school. It eventually ended with him going home and my dad almost dying of sepsis in hospital, and when he wanted to come home to be with me she threatened him to never see his siblings again if he didn't do as she said. She then changed his flight home time and day so he ended up having to stay longer, insisting that she paid and the booking was all done through her because 'it's the least I can do'. Controlling. He came home and everything seemed fine, until one day she sent him another really long manipulative message about who I was and what my family was like, despite her meeting me only twice and not even bothering to get to know me or my family in the meantime. 

Suddenly, he starts getting attacked by his family for his "girlfriend bullying his mum," which bemused me. Turns out she's been saying "this conversation stays between us" but has also been going and telling everyone even more lies about me and now him. It got to the point where the family then turned on me, and caused my first panic attack in over a year. She accused me of saying the most god awful things, failing to mention that the horrible things she said to him and the abuse she gave him, telling him she'd rather have his physically and emotionally abusive ex-girlfriend back over me. The woman has basically said "it's me or her" but not quite in those exact words. She's smart, Slytherin. 

In case you can't tell, I'm very angry. 

It's gotten to the point his family is now torn apart, and he is looking at having to move into my house just for a breather. BUT OH NO, if he does that then she's threatened to make sure his entire family disowns him! SUCH FUN. 

Some people never change, I hope to god she is not some people.

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It's Me or Her (But Not in Those Words)
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