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Healing Powers of Children

How Your Children May Unintentionally Heal You

Daughters of Author Above 

Do you see the picture attached? Those are my two beautiful children. Cute, huh? Ever felt as if whatever you were or maybe going through in life has you down? Emotionally drained? Uninspired? Even depressed? I’m writing this to let you discover how a typical, young, single, African American, mother of two overcame my mental burdens and found out that my children have healing powers. And so may yours! 

The first time I realized my children have healing powers was when I suffered my very first, real heartbreak. I was in love with a man who didn’t love me. And the day it was officially over was the day I experienced how painful and bad a broken heart can be. I felt as if I would never get over this! I kept asking “How will I bounce back?”, “Where do I go from here?”, “What am I going to do now?” The feeling that I would never move on was sticking to me like Gorilla Glue. 

I remember, for a month straight, there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t wake up and go to sleep crying. Heartbreak is painful. But, the whole time I was thinking about being hurt, I had reasons to smile. My girls sensed I was sad, and even consoled me at times. But they eventually would go about their day, doing what they do best. Being kids! I’d sit and watch them play and pretend to be interested in the imaginary pets and friends that they had. Although, in my mind, all I could think about is a pain that I no longer wanted to feel. 

Days went on. And the pain weakened. Waking up and going to sleep next to my babies slowly began to heal me, and I had no idea. Day to day, I would watch them play, see them smile, hear them laugh, and soak up the positivity they unknowingly spread to me. They were healing me. With every sigh I made, almost falling back into the pits of a sad memory, or a painful experience, was combative with the fact that my girls saved me. They saved me from becoming clinically depressed and possibly suicidal. They were there for me. They hugged me, held my hand, & told me it’ll be ok. 

I may not suffer from heartbreak anymore but living life is not always the most cheerful. There are days where you feel invincible. Like you can conquer anything, and everything thrown your way. Then there are days of the complete opposite. Either or, my girls are there for me. Every step of the way. If you’re a mom and are in pain... not physically, but are in pain, & you come across this and can relate, always remember, your children are the key to your inspiration and healing. Some may not agree to this. Some may not be able to say that they can apply this to something in their life, but if you can, do it! 

My kids have healing powers. Do yours?