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Halloween as a Mom

Two Monsters

Halloween Mom

I am a procrastinator when it comes to everything. Yes, even when it comes to my favorite holiday! This year I had huge plans, I was going to go big and dressing my whole family up. Suddenly I realize, it’s the day before Halloween and I don’t have anything. No candy, no paint and worst of all, no costume for my two year old!

I ran to the closest store that I knew sold costumes and started looking. For well over thirty minutes, I held up each and every outfit that they had available in her size. I’m talking from princess, ninja turtles, animals and anything else you can possibly think of. Every single time my daughter says, “No way!” 

Finally, I decided I was done arguing with a two year old in the middle of the store over a costume. I picked one out and put it in our buggy, and told her that she was going to wear whatever I picked out and that’s that! After buying everything that I needed, we made our way back home.

Fast forwarding to Halloween morning... She sees her costume hanging on the dresser and she wanted to put it on. Trying to explain to a two year old that she has to wait to put her costume on so that she doesn’t spill food on it or mess it up is like arguing with a brick wall. So... I gave in. I put the costume on her ,and after about five minutes she wanted it back off.

I had been working on painting my face for right at two hours when, not only does she spill my paint water all over the floor, but she also rubbed a huge line of black paint across my face. Messing everything up that I had been working on for what felt like forever. I tried my best not to get upset with her because she’s two, right? She had no idea what she did wrong. After thirty minutes of scrubbing my face, I decided to give up. Still trying not to get frustrated, I didn’t want to go through it all again so I said forget it. I put a onsie on and said that’s that! 

Finally it was time to get her ready for real and actually go trick or treating. The first house she did great. She was a little shy about saying please or thank you, but she did good. The second house we went to, not so good... They had music playing, ghosts, spiders etc. She froze in her tracks when she saw the set up and refused to move. 

Her dad picked her up and carried her over to the porch. The whole time, her entire body was just trembling. He tried to show her they were just toys but she still didn’t like it. Once she was “safe” inside the car, she said, “Not so bad,” almost as if she was trying to convince herself that it wasn’t so bad. It was cute and heartbreaking at the same time.

We made it back to her great-grandmothers house and she was fine, having a blast—until Frankenstein came up to trick or treat. She started crying and attempted to run up the stairs to me and she was beyond terrified. The rest of the evening she never wanted to leave my side and she didn’t want to go anywhere else to get candy, she was fine with the candy she had. 

Before I became a mother you would usually find me at a Halloween party or out dancing. My life has changed so much but it’s been the best change ever, from parties to holding a baby terrified of Frankenstein. It’s a change that I wouldn’t trade for the world! #MomLife

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Halloween as a Mom
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