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Greatest Gifts of Motherhood

Not everything that comes with motherhood is a blessing.

My Daughter Lillith

Motherhood comes with ups and downs as most of us know; less known however are some of the greatest gifts being a mom can bring you. 

1. Simple Style

Becoming a mother means losing time, sleep, and sanity. Sure you haven't had a shower in 4 days but at least you don't need to struggle with what to wear. Why? Since becoming a mom you've probably completely forgotten what it's like to go clothes shopping for yourself. Of course, your child is dressed and accessorized with the best of them. You, on the other hand, are probably wearing the same bland yoga pants you've had since before the pregnancy. I'm here to say, it's not the end of the world. Your clothes may be outdated and plain but style isn't a necessity for a good mom. So rock that pair of mom jeans you probably have 3 pairs of because they were on a good sale.

2. The 'Mom Voice'

Not all may claim this as a blessing. In my eyes, however, 'mom voice' is a godsend. Without that stern and respect demanding call of a mother our kids would run rampant. I can't even count how many times I've pulled this card out but I can assure you it has worked Every. Single. Time. There's nothing like seeing the fear in your child's eyes as they obey your command.

3. The Lack of Taking Any S**t

Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't one to take crap before becoming a mother. However, I sure as heck am not taking any now. Having a toddler sure does push your boundaries. Every single one of them. They know your weaknesses. They watch your struggle. More often than not they wouldn't imagine harming mommy on purpose. They DO however love to piss you off. Maybe some sick little part of them enjoys your pain. Most likely they are just emotionally unstable tiny humans that don't understand and get extremely frustrated very easily. But if being a mom has taught me anything, it's how to handle any type of meltdown in any public place. 

4. Quick Thinking

I'm sure every parent at one point has experienced the dreaded diaper blowout, and probably at the most public of places imaginable. There's nothing like picking your child up from their highchair and noticing a light brown pool under their bum. Nothing says prepared parent like a ghostly white face and shaking hands. Fortunately, yet unfortunately, this won't be the last time you ever have to deal with this. These incidents help to hone your newfound skill of quick thinking. Before you know it you'll have the kid naked huddled next to your car door as you pour about 10 bucks worth of water bottles on their little butt within 60 seconds of finding the atrocity. These things become second nature, and you'll learn the hard way. 

5. Unbelievable Capacity for Love

You knew this was coming. You've heard it a million times and you'll hear it a million more. Until you become a parent you'll live life in an unrecognized boundary for love. The second they place that tiny wrinkled alien in your arms that boundary is forever broken. Let's be real, you won't know true love until you've had a tiny version of yourself piss straight into your mouth. The day that happens you'll find yourself crying and wondering how this happened to you; all the way up until you see that smile. Because the smile of your happy little one could shatter literally everything you know about reality.

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Greatest Gifts of Motherhood
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