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From Having Nothing to Loving Photography

My Life

I was born in Newcastle, UK. I never had the best upbringing in life. I know a lot of people who had a worse upbringing than myself but this is my story.

I remember being 10-years-old, and my father called me and my siblings to the living room, saying his last goodbyes before my mother kicked him out again. This happened so often I eventually got used to it. Mother was an online gambling addict and never showed any love towards us. She's a stubborn woman. I think that's where I get it from sadly. We never did get to do any finer things in life, always just "getting by." When I was 17, my father returned to the alcohol; he was an alcoholic before any of us were born and bad tempered. But as soon as we were born, he packed it in. Now I'd see him in town standing outside the pub with a pint in one hand, cigarette in the other, looking pale and ill as ever. I've not seen or spoke to either of them in almost six years now. I got my first full time job working as a waiter in a nice hotel. I got my first paycheck, and my mother wanted most of it. She said it was for food but really it was for her addiction. A few months before Christmas she'd asked me for £15 and I said of course but take it as an early Christmas gift. She raised it to £20 and I refused. I then received a text telling me not to go see her anymore as she wouldn't be there. I moved in with my boyfriend and his family instantly, because when I went to see her a week later she'd already moved, not knowing where she went. 

Time went on, not hearing anything from anyone. I saw her once in a shopping store with my eldest brother. He has spine abifda; he's disabled. I found out my father got kicked out of the job for caring for him because of alcohol and being in the news for beating and threatening his new girlfriend. However, Mother cares for him along with other carers. I've never agreed with family taking care of their own for money; you should do it anyways. She walked straight past me looking at me. But it was her loss, not mine as I gave birth to a beautiful boy in 2015. 

I met my boyfriend in 2011 and have been growing strong ever since. He's helped me throughout all the bad times in my life, never once let me down. 

My life is different now. I went through college and passed my photography class in 2014. I've suffered from anxiety and depression for two years but I'm fighting it. I'm a lot better now. Now I can focus on making a better life for me and my little family by going back to college to progress my photography. I get so much amazing feedback for my photos, it makes me feel better. I'm passionate about it which makes me want to work harder. Hopefully, I'd like to open my own business once I'm done with college. My little family keeps me going. My life is far from over yet. Everything I've faced, it's happened for a reason. It's made me who I am to this day. I will bring confident again. I will be strong again. Not only will I be a Mummy, I will be Lindsey again. 

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From Having Nothing to Loving Photography
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