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First Birthdays

10 Tips You Need for Your Little One's First Birthday

The morning of my daughter's birthday: 💕

1. Get photos done before the party.

We all want our little ones to have the best birthday, especially when it's the big ONE. Needless to say, you will wants photos to look back on and share with your loved ones. In the morning get your little one all dressed up and have your mini photo shoot, before all the excitement, before the cake, and most importantly before little one is too tired to say "Cheeeeese!" 

2. Don't go over the top with food.

I made the mistake of hosting my daughter's party right at lunch time. When people showed up, they came HUNGRY! I had plenty of food but the costs weren't worth it and I ended up stressing more than enjoying my daughter's first birthday. Plan for an afternoon party that way you can focus on the cake/cupcakes and/or snacks, which are usually self serve anyways. 

3. Designated Play Area

There is nothing more chaotic than a bunch of toddlers running around with no direction and their parents chasing right behind because they feel bad. Knock this problem out right off the back, create a designated play area where you can easily see the littles and parents can relax. Our goal is stress free. Seeing a pattern? 

4. Gift bags

Toddlers are still learning the concept of his and hers. No, that doesn't belong to you and so on. When it comes time to open gifts, be ready to give out those awesome gift bags for the rest of the littles. It will make them feel like they're a part of the excitement still too.

5. Adults

We all know what it's like to go to a kids party that's catered to JUST the kids. That's cool and all but parents want to have fun and relax to! Have an area where the adults can sit, relax, have an adult conversation and this is important.. grown up music! If parents are anything like me, I can only listen to "Here Comes Moana" so many times. And yes, even at a kids party, parents want to feel like adults. 

6. Decorating

You may personally like to decorate like me, more glitter, more streamers, more everything! Unfortunately, when it comes to a one-year-olds party, the decorations are usually the least of their concerns, again less stress is our goal here. Decorations tend to be overlooked and under-appreciated at that age and may even get destroyed by our sweet little angels. Save your money this year. I promise, your little one will still feel extra special. 🤗

7. Again! No stress!

This is a big one. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, I know I do hosting a party, take 10. It's important not just for you, but for your little ones big day too. Our kids can sense when we're stressed and the last thing we want is a fussy baby on their big day. Take time for yourself. There is no such thing as a day too big for self care.

8. Accept help.

Being a stay at home mamma, I tend to take on big projects alone by choice. I always end up regretting it. If you have loved ones offering to help that day, take it! It takes a village guys, I know you've heard it before, so say it with me. No. Stress. Woot! We're on a roll. 

9. Take time with your little one.

Probably the biggest mistake I made on my daughter's birthday was, spending way too much time making sure everything stayed perfect throughout the day. Making sure everyone was happy. I spent so much time stressing I didn't spend time with my own daughter. Silly right? Remember that extra help? Tag team, go sit down and enjoy this beautiful celebration. 

9. Presents!

I want to give my daughter the world. I'm sure many of you parents feel the same way! Sometimes, what they need, isn't the world. I can't tell you how many toys my daughter got on her birthday, because she STILL doesn't play with all of them. Sometimes less is more, I suggest get a few big things that will last and your little one will totally enjoy and a couple small educational toys as well. 

10. The Clean Up

Ohhhh, how I dread the after party clean up. The idea that saved my, excuse me, ASS was simply having my big trash can in the yard for everyone to see. Paper plates, paper cups, plastic silverware. Everything gets tossed and you are DONE. 

I hope this has helped you create a stress free first birthday, enjoyable for everyone involved! Happy partying 🤗