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Family or Family?

What would you choose?

My Family ❤️

I was stumped, pondering the choice that I was given. They needed the answer within two weeks whether I was ready or not. I needed to think about the pros and cons as it will affect my life for either the next four months or for the rest of my life. It’s not something that I could just immediately answer.

On Valentine's Day 2017, we were eating dinner as a family. My mom then had told me that we are moving. Usually that is not a huge deal. She then told me that we were moving 279 miles away from my hometown, to the other side of the state. We were moving to Auburn because she got transferred for work. She then had gave me a ultimatum, two choices. The first is that I can move in with my Aunt Katie for the remaining of the school year then move in June. Another option was that I can just switch schools and move to Auburn with my family. I did not know what to do. I was stuck.

I was in the middle of my sophomore year at North Central High School. I had four months left. I had to choose whether I was more willing to start at a new high school or if I wanted to stay behind and live without my family. I knew either way, it would be tough for me. Either way, I was going to be without family, and that is not what I wanted.

In the end, I had chose to stay behind and live with my aunt Katie. When I told my mom my decision, she was heartbroken. One of her oldest was starting to branch out and become an independent adult. She had told me that she would always support me wherever I was. She said that this opportunity would help me grow more independent. Teach me responsibility. She was definitely right.

Living with her taught me that being on your own can be hard. You definitely have to budget on everything that you have. Either its bills, food, or just if you want to go do something especially when you first move out and are on your own for the first time. I lived with her and her best friend. Living with them was like having two roommates. I had to be responsible and get to work and school on time. I had to learn to manage my time precisely and keep up my grades.

My family is the most important thing to me. They supported me with my decision. I also value my independence so I can grow and not have to depend on anyone else. I know that everything is never going to be handed to you. You will also have to earn your money as well as all of the materialistic items that you either want or need.

I had the opportunity to learn how be on my own. I can be independent and don’t take things for granted. I have learned that being responsible is a huge part of being an adult. This decision was extremely eye opening. I learned how to fix my car problems also any money issues on my own, if needed.

These two are cuties 😍

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Family or Family?
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