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Military Dad's 20 Stitch Blanket!

I was on Facebook a year ago and I came across this post from a lady that was starting a GoFundMe page and the post was saying that this family had lost their home from a fire. Well I clicked on the lady's profile and she had a video of her going through her home explaining each room. I wasn't into the video but for 10 seconds and I was in tears. What tugged at my heart was this family picture at the end of the hall. It was kind of scary. It was like the fire didn't touch that part of the house. The family was starting completely over from the ground up. I heard that they were living in a motel, and then they stayed with friends.

So I send this lady a private message and told her that I wanted to help her and her family. I wanted to make blankets for the whole family. She asked me if I was charging her for these blankets. I told her no not at all. It would not cost her a penny. She still was skeptical about me making these blankets. I asked her why she was skeptical and she told me that everyone saying that they wanted to help her and her family wanted her to pay them for their help. Once I got her to believe that I wasn't charging for the blankets, I was able to ask her a question and that was what color or colors do the kids like. She told me each color. I also asked her what her favorite color or colors were. I also asked her what her husband's favorite color or colors were and again she told me. She was getting happier by each passing question I was asking. I told her that I was a military wife as well so I know what it is like to always be on your guard. I also told her that my husband would kill me if I was going to charge her for any of these blankets. I told her that the military always stick together. Doesn't matter what branch you are in.

The first blanket that I made was the baby's blanket. That blanket yarn was called Baby Rainbow. Then the second blanket was for the youngest boy. That yarn was called Earthy. The third blanket was for the oldest boy. That yarn was called team spirit red/black. Then the last blanket was for the Oldest sister. That yarn was called Grape Fitz. I wanted to make them as special as I could because the kids lost everything in the fire. I wanted them to have something they can call their very own.

 After all the kids blankets were done I  then started on dad's blanket and then the last blanket was the mom's blanket. I was kind of on a deadline because the dad was leaving on a deployment. Well I have great news: I was able to get all four kids and the dad's blanket done before he was to leave. I only had to work on the mom's blanket.

Well, it took me a little longer to send her blanket out because I was getting ready to send out the kids and the dad's blankets out and I fell down outside of the post office. It took me a few seconds to realize that I was on the ground. Once I was able to get back up I picked up the boxes and went into the post office and mailed off the packages.

When I got home I went to Facebook and messaged the military mom and told her what happened to me, and she was sorry that I got hurt. I told her that I would get her blanket done as soon as I can. She told me that she understood and she told me not to worry about her blanket being done. She knew that I would get it done.

The more I talk to her I am finding that I am making friends with the mom and that is very important because being a mom of four children, you don't get much adult conversation, and while talking to her I hear that the baby is sick and she has been in and out of the doctor's for months now because of her ears. I ask how the baby is and the mom tells me that she has her good days and nights. I asked if the doctors are going to put tubes in her ears and she says they might. I told her that I heard that the baby can outgrow the tubes and I said I think the tubes fall out when she outgrows them and the mom told me that that is what happens. Then I hear their oldest is having problems with her kidneys. Or at least that is what they think it is. She has blood in her urine. The mom told me that the pain is so bad she can't even walk. I also asked her if she could send me a message telling me when the blankets arrived. She said that she would.

When the dad's and the kids' blankets got there they were in love with them. The dad was very surprised that his blanket was so big. The youngest son loves his blanket so much he wraps himself in his blanket when he watches cartoons. I told the mom that when the two younger kids outgrow their blankets I am more than willing to make them bigger blankets and she told me that would be great.

Matter of fact I told her that if the two older kids wanted a different color for their blankets I would be willing to make them different blankets all that I ask is that they pay it forward and give their blankets to other military kids that need a blanket.

The only blanket that was not to be paid forward was the baby's blanket, and the mom said that she would put the baby's blanket in her keepsake box. I also asked her to tell everyone that asks who made the blankets to go to my Facebook page Colorful Warmth Creations, and she said that she would tell everyone to leave a message if they would like a blanket.

Well the mom has had her blanket for about a month now. She loves her blanket. The family have been in the new home now for almost a year, and they couldn't be happier. Well that is the end of this story. I hope that everyone likes it.

Family of Blankets

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