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False Accusations and the Harm It Can Cause

Family Members or Spiteful Neighbors Who Call CPS on Loving Parents

I will never forget the feeling. My heart sank and I felt all the tears gush into the corners of my eyes. Why was this happening? What did I do wrong? What's going to happen? No, not my babies. I couldn't focus. A voicemail left saying, "This is Child Protective Services. We need to speak to you."

At first, I thought it was a joke or some sort of scam. I wish it would have been but it was real. 

I couldn't even think of why this would be happening. My kids are happy and loved. They are far from being abused or neglected. The only thing I was guilty of was spoiling them and giving them extra ice cream on occasion. And maybe buying them too many toys. 

I was in absolute shock. I was heartbroken and it made me so scared. I had never had so much fear and anxiety and that is saying a lot because I have had a lot of toxic people in my life. I called back over and over. I needed to know what was going on. 

Finally, I got a call back from a woman. She was telling them that they received a call saying that there was neglect and abuse going on. I was crying. She said she had already talked to my daughter at school. She said she would be by my home at 4 PM after I picked up my daughter. I was in a complete shock and questioned who would have any basis to make a report against me. 

The thing is that many loving homes are destroyed by CPS. Many people call for basically no reason while children who are really being abused are left in hell. 

It's so scary to think that the possible outcome of CPPS getting involved with your family could mean your children are lost from the home you gave and placed into a corrupt system. Most foster children report abuse and sexual abuse as well when they are placed with strangers in a foster home. 

None of the children who enter ever come back the same. Why would someone feel the need to call authorities on someone without first knowing the truth of the matter? You know abuse is awful and if you think truly that a child is abused, help that child. But, if you have a family member why not ask them first if you have a concern? Calling on them could destroy the family. 

Turns out my family called on me. They called on me out of spite and hate. The allegations were unfounded and I am so thankful. Every day, though, I am still plagued with how my own family could try and destroy me. 

They made a smear campaign against my name and tried to take what I love the most. The allegations were so hurtful and made to cut at me deeply. I never received any answer or apology and I went no contact. 

No one deserves to be put in that kind of compromising situation. And to my aunt who I never see and have no idea how you became such a cruel person, your allegations had a lasting impact on my life. 

I hope you know that what you did was wrong and if in the future you ever have some sort of concern please don't try and outright destroy the family maybe get your information from the source itself. Always remember what you do your actions can change another's life for the worst or better but always think before you act. Don't play games with another's life. Do to others what you would like done to you. 

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False Accusations and the Harm It Can Cause
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