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Everybody Lies

And that's the sad truth.

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Everybody says you have to respect your elders, despite if they respect you or not. They say respect is a thing you earn, unless it’s to your elders, then respect must always be given. I do not believe in that phrase. Being an elder does not give you the right to belittle and shame the young. Respect is earned, no matter who you are. The level of respect varies from person to person; some give it away quickly, some keep it until it is blatantly evident that respect has been earned. It all depends on the person.

People tend to say things that are incorrect with many scenarios. For example, it is okay not to like a family member because they have mistreated you. It is okay to take away respect and certain rights that were held over them by you. No matter who it is, respect can be erased from their sheets of rights because of mistreatment and wrongdoing.

The feeling is much more common than the outward layer of the world sees. The feeling is hidden under a coat of lies. What are those lies? Those lies are the ones you see, “It isn’t that bad anymore. It’s getting better.” “Nothing’s happening.” “What are you talking about?” “I’m fine.” Each truth told is a stitch in the seam, embedded into comfort of the coat. The comfortability level decreases as a lie is told. The seams wear down, slowly coming undone, until each seam is holding on by only thin strands. The stuffing that made the coat fluffy and warm has been wore down and it is no longer warm and fuzzy.

It doesn’t get better. Time doesn’t fix anything. Time isn’t the fixer, you are. Yes, with time, there is maturation, some more than others, and that does lend a hand to being the repairman, but that is only a factor in the process. If it’s an abusive parent, talk to the other one, and if there isn’t, confide in someone else who can possibly do some good for you. It doesn’t always help, considering it does not change the situation, but it does have its helpful aspects.

Family can be both amazing and draining. It can be loving and hurting. It all depends on who it is and what happens.

Family loves. Families are supposed to provide love and support for every aspect. They're supposed to be there for you through thick and through thin. Everyone needs love. 

Family hurts. From death, to everyday life. There's no escaping some of the drama. For many, the everyday family drama is all they have, but for some, the issues dig deeper, leaving a permanent hope where the original puncture was. The family seems to be in shambles, and your health is deteriorating bit by bit. They hate you, and you don't understand why. Life seems to throw the biggest bag of bricks at the people who don't deserve it, who have already been through Hell. They have to prove themselves and care for others while they couldn't care less about themselves. It's easier to care and provide for others than it is to care and provide for yourself, right? What is there to do when you can't change anything? 

It isn't uncommon for people to go through some type of abuse in their lives, and that's the sad truth. Almost everyone hates themselves at one point in time, even if it isn't for a long extended of time, but what's the limit to those feelings before they become too much and too harmful? Is there a limit? 

If you feel depressed, anxious, stressed, in a crisis, etc., I'd recommend texting Crises Text Line.

If you have constant thoughts of death and suicide and are on the brink of suicide, call the Suicide Hoteline: US: 1-800-273-8255

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Everybody Lies
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