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Don’t Hide These Facts from Your Divorce Attorney

To successfully fight and win a divorce case, you have to trust your lawyer with all the information you have. Your divorce lawyer will try his/ her best to use that information to your benefit in the court.

Going through a divorce can be very emotionally challenging and stressful. The meetings with lawyers, family situation, conflicts with the partner and other stress caused by an ongoing divorce case can be very confusing and a tough time for you. There are many things that need to be kept in mind while going through a divorce and dealing with divorce lawyers.

To fight a divorce case, there’s plenty of information that your Louisiana divorce attorney will require, so you need to share vital information with them. However, there may be some information that you might withhold and not share with your lawyer thinking it might help your case. But it’s also possible that it does the opposite for your divorce case, that’s why it’s important that you don’t hide the below important facts from your divorce attorney.

  • Don’t keep your divorce attorney in the dark about your financial situation. If you think your divorce attorney will not represent you because you have financial trouble or might charge you more if you have plenty, then this may cause hindrance in your divorce case as well. It’s important to be upfront and honest about your financial situation because on the basis of that your attorney will be able to get you financial support from your spouse for you and your child.
  • For your lawyer to represent you completely and fully, you need to be honest about your role in the falling apart of the marriage. If there were times when you made a mistake, be honest with your lawyer about it. You might feel embarrassed to do so but remember that lawyers are professionals and they are not there to judge, rather just represent you and get you the best settlement. It is also important for the lawyers to have all the information to be prepared for any accusations that might come your way in the court.
  • It is extremely important that you be honest with your lawyer regarding any suspicions or doubts you may have about your spouse. Divorce lawyers in Louisiana can only represent you to the best of their abilities if you tell them everything. Lawyers will try to use all the information that you give them to your advantage while representing you. So it’s important that you don’t hide important information from them.
  • If you have any hidden assets, immediately tell your lawyer about them. This is important because your assets will not be hidden from the opposite party. During the “discovery” phase of your trial, your hidden assets might come up, so your lawyer should be prepared to deal with that in case that happens. So make sure that if you are hiding some assets or accounts, be open and honest about them.
  • If you have signed a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, it is very important that you tell your lawyer about this. Any kind of agreement that you may have signed, whether it was official or unofficial, it’s important to reveal these to your lawyer because signed documents or agreements are treated with utmost seriousness in a court. These can change the course of the divorce case and preparation of the divorce lawyer, so it’s important that you share all this information with him/ her.


To successfully fight and win a divorce case, you have to trust your lawyer with all the information you have. You divorce lawyer will try his/ her best to use that information to your benefit in the court. Hiding facts and information from your lawyer may lead to him being surprised in the court with questions and revelations from the opposite party. 

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Don’t Hide These Facts from Your Divorce Attorney
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