Children in the Divorce

Those of you whose parents got divorced while you still lived in their household may understand what I am talking about. My parents got divorced three days after I turned six. From my eyes, they seemed like the picture-perfect couple that were very happy. In their eyes that was a completely different image. 

My dad was in the military at this time, and my mom couldn't handle all three of us, so she decided she wanted to leave. The night she left was a night like any other. She was a night nurse, so it was normal for her to be gone at night. When we woke up that morning and she wasn't there, that is when we knew something was wrong. My brother called social services and we got sent to my aunt's to go live with her. The minute my dad found out my mom left us, he left the military and came home to be a full-time single father. He was a wonderful dad to all three kids. 

When I turned 12 is when I first saw my mom since she left, and she had a very abusive boyfriend, who if you got in their way of drinking he would beat you down till he got his alcohol. One night, me and my mom poured his alcohol down the drain so he wouldn't beat her that night. He found us doing it and hit me a couple times and then chocked my mom until she passed out, then he let go. After that, my dad decided that we need to move far away. That was when we moved and then my mom followed so she could get out of that relationship. We went to court to choose who got custody of whom. By this time, my brother was 18 so no one had to worry about him. The judge asked us to choose who we wanted to live with. Both me and my sister picked my dad, and we ended up getting shared custody, and now I go to my mom's on the weekend and live with my dad full-time. I am ready to graduate high school and will be moving into my own place with my boyfriend and our cat and put all this past behind me. I always tell myself that I will be a better mother than my mom and I will make sure I keep that oath.

I cannot have kids until I am 20 due to my four cysts I had on ovaries and the constant X-rays have made it harder to have children until I turn 20 when they can perform a surgery on me that will make it easier for me to have children. When I found out I had my first cyst, my instant thought was that I was never going to be able to have kids because the doctor told me that he didn't think my body could hold a baby. I was devastated. Imagine a 17-year-old being told she might not be able to have children. Then a month later they found two others, and then three months after that the found a fourth. three out of the four have bursted inside my body and are still in their. I have to wait till 20 to get the surgery to get them removed from my body then another surgery on healing the ovary in order to bear children. Me and my boyfriend have talked about options we might have to take if I can't have babies, we decided on someone else holding our baby for us and be able to carry it to term.

Peace and Love

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