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Coolest Outdoor Products for New Parents

The top ten best outdoor products for new parents that are both helpful and entertaining.

The responsibilities of new parents are incredible, but there are tons of products on the market to aid those responsibilities and make life much easier. We have come up with a list of the best outdoor products for new parents to make your workload as a mom and dad much lighter. 

Plus, have some fun with the resources that are available to you. While there are plenty of options to help with organization, safety, and storage, there are also toys and entertainment options as well. Take a look at the top 10 options for new parents like yourself. These products can even be used as perfect Christmas toys for babies. 

Women's Sirrus 50 Backpack by Osprey

What might not initially seem like a product for parents, this is one of the best backpacks for Mom or Dad. Forget using diaper bags that hardly have enough storage for a few simple supplies. As one of the best outdoor products for new parents, you won't leave the house without this backpack by Osprey. 

Perfect for the active family, this backpack is geared toward hiking, walking, and basically any outdoor activity. Store anything you need and be confident that your items will be secure and safe without carrying around a bulky and useless bag. 

Infant Brim Sun Hat in Navy by i play.

As a staple for any sunny day, this brim sun hat is adorable, protective, and functional. Made by the company i play, they kept the vulnerability of a baby's head in mind while producing this product. As one of the best outdoor products for new parents, be sure to purchase the top quality headgear for your child. 

Made of a lightweight microfiber material, it will not only protect your baby from the sun, but will also keep away moisture and cool your baby. Simply tie it in a bow under their chin to secure, and they're good to go. Also be sure to always apply sunscreen to your child before any outdoor play. New parents swear by these!

2-in-1 Snug 'n Secure Swing by Little Tikes

Perfect for babies who are nine to 48 months, this swing will give you and your child endless amounts of outdoor fun. You can always trust Little Tikes to create the best quality products for your kids, and this swing is no exception. 

With a sturdy and safe structure, you can attach this swing to any swing set. It is also a source of entertainment for your child that will allow for the adults to have a few minutes without running around with them. It might even rock them to sleep if you're lucky. 

Canoe Water-Resistant Bootie by UGG

If you're looking to splurge a little on a great pair of booties for your little guy, these shoes by UGG are the way to go. As one of the best outdoor products for new parents, these boots are water-resistant and lightweight. 

As a comfortable and versatile option, your baby will love sporting these shoes, and will enjoy playing outdoors that much more. Plus, they look super adorable. 

Meadow Mat by Alite

Though it's advertised as being a picnic blanket, it's also great to be used for outdoor activities with your new baby. It's easy to transport, completely water and weatherproof, has options to stake down the mat, and is easy to clean up. What more could you need from a baby mat? 

Once you're done with playtime, simply roll up and attach the straps, and you have an easy-to-carry tote with a handle. It only weighs a little over one pound and is 55 by 55 inches. Plus, it comes in cool designs and colors, this one being a meadow. 

All Seasons Baby Carrier by LILLEBaby

Every new parent needs a soft baby carrier, but which is the best on the market? As one of the top outdoor products for new parents, this baby carrier by LILLEbaby has everything you need.

Sturdy enough to carry a toddler up to 45 pounds, this carrier has six different options for carrying positions. Plus, it has a front zip pocket for any needed baby accessories, two-way straps, an adjustable sleeping hood, neck and head support, and even a temperature-control panel. 

Made of cotton and polyester, this is a top quality choice for you and your child. 

Play Ball Fun Climber Includes 10 Play Balls by Step2

Another way to spruce up your own backyard for your child, this toy is great for little ones, specifically toddlers. 

With access to stairs and a slide, they can have fun zipping down this toy and dropping balls through the added maze. It comes with 10 balls and an outdoor climber that is hidden beneath the slide with a crawl-through play space. 

'Coaster XT' Bike Trailer by Thule

Another great accessory for the active family, this stroller is used as a bike trailer and can be attached to any bicycle. It can fit up to two children, and has a great amount of storage space. 

As one of the top outdoor products for new parents, this is an accessory that you will use more often than you think. Switch up your daily walks with the access to a calm bike ride that your little one will love. 

Lamb Snowsuit with Fur Trim by Canada Goose

We can't forget about outdoor fun in the winter. This snowsuit is extremely adorable and can be passed down from child to child. As a perfect size for children who are six months to 24 months, this snowsuit is water resistant and made of Arctic Tech fabric. 

It even has an attached hood for extra warmth, plus a flap pocket that has a hook-and-loop closure. Perfect for below zero weather, your child will be able to play in the snow with zero discomfort. 

'Junior Babiators' Sunglasses by Babiators

Last on our list of the best outdoor products for new parents, these sunglasses are made specifically for babies. As the perfect way to protect your child from UVA and UVB, these glasses are totally adorable and well worth the purchase. 

For children who are six months old to three years old, these will last a decent amount of time. Plus, they come in pink!

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