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Conscious Parenting 101

What does that truly mean?

Parenting. A tall order for many adults who—let's just be real—don’t know what the heck they are doing (I certainly don’t! 😝)! It’s one of the biggest responsibilities we have in life. We are supposed to raise a child to be a kind, healthy, happy human who can take care of themselves efficiently. Now how the hell does one do that?! 

By being conscious during the whole process. I do not mean physically present. No, I mean fully conscious and mentally aware of your actions and behaviors when interacting with your children. We are mirroring to our children what it means to be the efficient adult we want them to be. This requires deep understanding of who we are as a person. Regardless if we are a parent or not, we should be on a lifelong journey of personal development. That is the only way we can truly understand and know who we are. As parents, it’s especially important! We are in charge of little ones who are making mental notes of how to be a grown-up. The more conscious and aware we are of ourselves, the more opportunity we give our children to be conscious of THEMSELVES. 

The role of the parent/child is the most important role (obvi), but a role that is not really thought about. The role is that of student/teacher, the PARENTS being in the student role more often than not! Read that one again, guys! One of the biggest misconceptions many parents have is that because they are older, bigger, “wiser,” they inherently can’t learn from their much younger mini mes. But ohhh on the contrary! Our children teach us all the time!!! For example, I have an 8-year-old daughter. I’ve never had a child before, let alone an 8 year old! She teaches me how to raise her! She tells me how to meet her needs! She tells me when I’ve done something not in alignment with her! And the big one, she teaches me how to raise and heal from the child within ME!! That’s deep. Our children, when you are open and conscious, will help you heal from your past! Parenting will bring to light experiences you hadn’t thought of for years. Why?? Because most of us want to create better experiences for our children than our own. How do we do that? By understanding our own childhood experiences, the good with the bad. Digging deep into those memories in order to heal so we don’t repeat the behaviors of our parents is crucial! This will allow us to make the necessary changes to our family patterns and end cycles. Not only will you heal yourself but you are stopping future generations from suffering. That is how powerful concise parenting can be. 

Look, for some of you reading this, it can sound like an impossible task. I mean who wants to turn TOWARD the pain? No one! You are not alone in whatever feelings you may have. You have to trust me when I say going THROUGH the mud is the only way OUT of the mud! Healing from your past will give you the space needed to make a shift and change the way you think, parent, and live. It’s worth it. Soooooo very worth it. Believe in yourself and you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. 

Parenting can be tough. It’s filled with good days, bad days, and all in between days. Yet we still love our little stinkers! We owe it to them to be the best we can be. So they can learn to be the best that THEY can be. Open your mind and heart to conscious parenting. Start by being aware of your own actions and behaviors, remembering sometimes you are the student and the child is the teacher! 

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Conscious Parenting 101
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