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Christmas Time

Baby's First Christmas

Christmas Photo Shoot

Christmas is always a magical time of the year: Being with friends and family, the beautiful snow, the family meals together, and the lists of Christmas gifts.

No matter how hard you try, there will always be lists during this time of the year. Whether it is the list for the food you need for Christmas dinner, the list of things that need to be cleaned before your guests arrive, the list of lights that need to be put up, or the list for the gifts you need to buy for all your families and friends.

Lists are an easy thing to follow, a few things here and a few things there, and you are done. As people get older, the lists get smaller and smaller, and people get harder to buy for. Children always want everything and anything, which makes it easy. But children who can't tell you what they want can be a little more difficult.

My daughter is now eight months old this Christmas season and all she ever plays with are the TV remotes and soda bottles. When people ask what they should get her, or what toys she wants, I am unsure of what to say. Not only do I not know what toys she wants, but she is growing so fast that any clothes she gets will only fit for a few weeks.

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year and it is even more beautiful with my new family. Buying for everyone is easy except my daughter, but when it comes down to it, it is actually very simple. Anything that my boyfriend and I get for her, she will be happy with and absolutely love. She may not know why she is getting gifts or why they are all wrapped in funny looking paper, but she will play with all of it.

Christmas shopping is never easy. It is rough sometimes, and it can be even more difficult with a baby girl that can't tell you what she wants, what she needs, but that can make it fun.

My daughter's dad and I are making it as fun as we possibly can for us and for her. We got practical things like clothes because she is growing like a weed, but we also went crazy and got all sorts of toys. She is in the early stages of walking (we skipped crawling), so we got her walker toys and anything that makes sounds and moves with her.

This is our first Christmas as a family. We all couldn't be more excited for what Santa has in store for all of us and what wonderful memories we can create.

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Christmas Time
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