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Breastfeeding in Public

A Natural Part of Human Life and the Stigma That Goes Along With It

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding women breastfeeding in public. There is always some kind of news story about it on social media. The comments often sicken, disgust, and confuse me. I don’t understand why this has become such a big deal.

Breastfeeding is natural through all of nature, including humans. Some people act like this is the biggest atrocity they have ever seen. If a woman wants to cover up to breastfeed, that is her prerogative. If she doesn’t, that is her choice as well. She is feeding her child in the way that they both feel the most comfortable in a public setting. The head in the sand theory doesn’t apply here. Infants have to eat just like we do.

Comments like, “she’s just doing it for attention” annoy the shit out of me. While that might be true in .00001 of cases, they are always doing it because their child is hungry, and needs to eat. It’s not for our pleasure or amusement, or our disgust. It is a means of survival for that child. They should not have to cover up because it is a distraction to you. If it is, that’s a problem with you, not them.

While eating pigs in a blanket while under a blanket sounds cool, I generally do not eat with a cover over my head, unless it’s a really bad day. The infants shouldn’t have to either. Nor do I eat in a public restroom. Once again, they shouldn’t have to either. We should realize that this is a normal part of growth in nature for any mammal. Why do we freak out over women breastfeeding, yet watch cows feed their calves, and drink their milk ourselves?

If it bothers you so bad to look, then don’t. If you have to stare and point it out, all you do is make them as uncomfortable as you are, and in the end, you just look like a skeevy pervert. Let women breastfeed as they wish. If your child sees it and has a question, then answer it the best way you know how, even if it makes you a little uncomfortable. Explain it’s a natural part of life to help the baby grow and develop. Don’t get uppity and rude to people about it. You were more than likely just like that baby at one point, and if it’s such a problem, then maybe you need to mature a little yourself. While I understand that you may encounter and see this, it’s not ok to make rude or aggressive comments unless you eat under a blanket or in the bathroom. Let the child eat, just as you are more than likely doing. It’s not that big of a deal, I assure you.

When I see a woman breastfeeding, my first and only thought is “oh, she’s feeding her baby.” Maybe it’s because of my age or my maturity level, or maybe because I have a son now. I don’t think, “look, a boob!” I don’t think “look at that woman with her breast out for all the world to see.” I just see a woman feeding her hungry child. I don’t have to stare, I know what she is doing. It doesn’t involve or harm me in any way. It is a special moment between a mother and her child. I have nothing to do with it, and therefore nothing to say to her about it. Let a mother do as she wishes; she went through enough giving birth, whether natural or C-section. She has 18 more years at least of taking care of that child. She is not stripper or a prostitute. She is not there for your amusement. She is feeding her child.

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Breastfeeding in Public
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