Best friends not Lovers!

She doesn't love me like i love her.

How many times you see yourself in the friend zone? I see myself all the time! I know right, and its difficult because they're almost all the time your best friend or a close friend. The worst is when they make themselves available all the time and lead you on.

I had this friend she was like really cool and i just wanted to be near her, and with the time i told her about my feelings for her, she was cool about that but said she didn't feel the same way. We keep being friends like nothing had happened, i actually had started dating another people, and one day she just kisses me, but keep saying we were only friends. This happened all the time, every time we tried to give some distance from each other, she would always make me think we had a chance...

For all the people who are out there, don't forget sometimes your best friend is best only at being a friend, sometimes mixing another feelings can turn out to be painful.

Sometimes you should just give a chance to that person who has been trying to go out with you for a while. Try experience new things, don't get attached to a relationship where only one of you is totally invested in succeed.

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Best friends not Lovers!