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Best Child Car Seats Every Parent Needs

Child car seats are not easy to shop for. As one of the most important items for safety, it's no simple choice. Here are the best options to keep your child out of harm's way.

As one of the most important purchases you will ever make for your child, child car seats are not a one and done easy trip to Walmart, especially if you want to do it the right way. When considering which seat is best for you, it's important you keep in mind a few factors:

  1. The height and weight regulations
  2. The installation process
  3. The type of seat 
  4. How easy is it to clean?
  5. Is it adaptable for my family? 
  6. Does it include a booster seat?
  7. How safe is it, really? 

The list goes on and on if you want to get technical with preferences, but the main issue at hand is the regulations that make this safety item perfect for you and your family's needs. Here is a list of the top child car seats you can find on the market.

MESA Infant Car Seat by UPPAbaby

To start off the list of the best child car seats, we decided on this award-winning seat. As a product of a brand that has both successes in strollers and car seats, UPPAbaby is a great option for a versatile car seat. Features of the MESA include durability from four to 35 pounds, side impact protection, an adjustable headrest, a hideaway canopy, and easy installation. 

Advocate Click Tight Convertible Car Seat by Britax USA

Britax child car seats are a great option if you need a higher weight capacity. It can hold up to 65 pounds! It's also a convertible styled seat, and has a large range of harness positions. Plus, it can last you up to ten years. This means it has the durability to last for multiple children, and  if you plan on having children close together in age it's perfect.

Nextfit Zip Convertible Car Seat by Chicco

This is a great option for child car seats if you want something very high quality. Chicco delivered in the strength department with this one. As one of the only seats with a steel frame, this is perfect for parents with multiple children, and amps up the security factor. 

However, the steel makes the seat a little heavy, at 31 pounds. But, besides the hard exterior, the inside cushioning is perfect for ample comfort for your child. Sweet dreams! 

Symphony Elite All-In-One Convertible Car Seat by Evenflo

This convertible style car seat has a ton of protection, as well as other versatile features. With three reclining positions and great legroom, even in rear-mode, it's great for all shapes and sizes. It can even hold up to 110 pounds in booster seat mode!

Plus, it's super light. At only 20 pounds, this is one of the most feather-like child car seats for easy mobility. Did we mention it's machine washable, for quick cleanup?  

RAVA Simple Secure Car Seat by Nuna

Among the more expensive child car seats, this Nuna product is definitely up there. However, you pay for quality. And doesn't this car seat look both sleek and incredibly comfortable? Built with relaxation in mind, the foam material is comfy and used for extra protection. Also made with a steel frame, the seat has a reclining option and an easy installation process. There are also head and body inserts that are made to be removable in order to fit your baby's growing body. 

Primo Viaggio Convertible by Peg Perego

Peg Perego has recently released this convertible car seat to the market. With features like two latch straps and both a lower weight and higher weight option for forward-facing and rear-facing, this seat is both practical and high quality. Plus, it has been said to put babies to sleep in an instant. 

However, it has been reviewed that the rear-facing belt path is a bit tricky to get used to. But, this doesn't take away from the safety. 

Grow and Go 3-in-1 Car Seat by Safety 1st

This Grow and Go seat by Safety 1st does exactly what the name says it will. Purchase this car seat for your newborn and transition into a forward-facing seat and then a booster seat, it's great throughout the growth of your child. You can go up to 100 pounds! Plus, owners have raved about the breathable fabric, allowing their kids to fall asleep with ease. 

APT Convertible Car Seat by Disney

Ok, how adorable is this Minnie Mouseketeer car seat? Disney will never disappoint when it comes to products for your little one, and this is not an exception. With nothing but high-quality materials, plus adorable cup holders, this seat can even carry up to 40 pounds. It can either be used as a rear-facing or forward-facing seat with complete safety. Plus, it's a super cute addition to your back seat!

G3 Infant Car Seat Plus Base by Orbit Baby

This is definitely one of the most unique looking child car seats, all with safety in mind. Specifically for infants, this seat features a deep cradle with 360-degree impact protection! Plus, Orbit promises installation in as quick as 30 seconds. Never worry about the safety of your infant with the addition of this sturdy car seat to your growing family's car. 

4Ever All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat by Graco

To finish the list off of the best child car seats, the Graco All-in-One convertible car seat is a classic that suits any family's needs with three transitions and amazing safety. It's one of the top-rated car seats, ever! Features include cup holders, a LATCH system, rear-facing, forward-facing, and backless booster seat options, tons of padding, and easy to clean material. Seriously, this is a grade A car seat that will last your family for years. 

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Best Child Car Seats Every Parent Needs
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