Tony Campbell

i am a 28 year old dad to two amazing kids and a fiance to the most amazing mother and spouse in the world. im also a medic student and soon to be a volunteer firefighter

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Family Views
8 months ago
Growing up with divorced parents can cause some gaps in how things were between your parents. One parent says they tried to be there while the other, which is usually the one with sole custody, claims...
Dad of a Five-Year-Old
8 months ago
The life of a father to a five-year-old little diva is a lot more complex than you’d imagine, and I assume it’s only going to get more interesting. From the moment you first see your daughter being bo...
Struggles of Being a New Dad
8 months ago
For a woman becoming a mom is a gradual thing because of the carrying of the baby. However, for a man, it's a bit more sudden in terms of the day you fully become a dad. It's almost as if you went fro...