Steve Atkins-Linnell


I'm a father, husband, writer, voiceover artist & full time employee. Life is too short & I live the dreams and love all aspects of life. Go fill your glass!

Thanks, do contact me by email to let me have your feedback!

Cheers Steve

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Diary of a Dad Aged 50¾ - Part 9
2 days ago
You’ve come across the scenario before. You’re in the supermarket and it’s not long before you hear a child crying or whinging about the fact that they are in that supermarket and the parents are doin...
Diary of a Dad Aged 50¾ - Part 8
7 days ago
Let’s start with a dictionary definition of a conversation: "A talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged." Do you recognise what one of these ...
Diary of a Dad Aged 50¾ - Part 7
13 days ago
It’s funny what you really notice when you have to concentrate and are not able to think about anything else. A bit like at the Oscars when Warren Beaty said La La Land and not Moonlight. It is also l...
Diary of a Dad Aged 50¾ - Part 6
18 days ago
This week was the dreaded week containing Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Trash Turns Up Tuesday and Weeping (no money left) Wednesday.... What happens during these few days? Most of us will scour the sho...
Diary of a Dad Aged 50¾ - Part 4
a month ago
I love to have a controversial debate through an article and one of the most common ones over the past few generations is: What’s best, artificial or real? Do you go for an authentic look and feel? Al...
Diary of a Dad Aged 50¾ - Part 3
a month ago
Don’t let others know, especially teenagers, but I think today I might have cracked it! Today we have a walking, talking and active teenager. I know that one day in isolation doesn’t count for a full ...