Scarlett Price

I am a mom, and a student earning my bachelor's degree. I love writing, reading, yoga, cake decorating and baking. I enjoy creating something that is entertaining for you to read.


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My Everything
3 months ago
My Dearest Chandler, I carried you for nine months and as time went on I continued carrying you in my arms and my heart. You are at the tender age of two now and we have been separated since December ...
Stronger Than I Knew
6 months ago
I never knew how strong I was until I walked away without my son. A mother’s love knows no boundaries and she will take any measure to ensure her child’s safety, well-being, and overall health. My rel...
Dear Little Sister
7 months ago
It’s one of those nights to where my mind drifts and I ponder about life. Lately, I’ve been on my best journey yet to self-discovery. For the longest time, I have wanted that teenage girl I used to be...