Rheana Roose

Hi! I am a 23 year old single mom of 2. I am much of an empath, so my writing is motivational and I love to share my different stories with people, hoping to change someone's life! 

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A Road Less Traveled: Chapter 2
9 months ago
Okay, so let's rewind here a little bit. I know, I know, I am keeping you waiting. Suck it up, we will get there soon enough. As a female, somewhere on the "normal" spectrum, I had always fantasized a...
Kids: The Calming Peace and Complete Chaos
10 months ago
Kids, ya love 'em, then you also hate 'em at times too. It's kinda of a love/hate relationship ya know? One minute they can be Heaven's God-sent angels and then another minute they are the spawn of Sa...
Livin' That #SingleMomLife - Out on Your Own
10 months ago
Motherhood: the most fulfilling, though challenging, job a woman could ever dream of having. A dream that also takes a lot of grace. This was my dream, a dream that came true at a very young age. I ha...