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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer based out of New Jersey. This is her work account. She loves gifts and tips, so if you like something, tip her!

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Things You Should Never Say to a Birthmother
5 months ago
When I fell pregnant with my daughter three years ago, I wasn't prepared for anything. I wasn't prepared for the physical damage pregnancy would do, and I definitely wasn't prepared to be a parent. I ...
How To Save Money as New Parents
a year ago
Babies are insanely expensive, and while every parent will tell you it's worth it, no one ever really drives home how expensive kids really are. According to a recent study, the average family will sp...
How to Arrange an LGBTQ Adoption
a year ago
Right now, there is probably at least one person out there hoping that you'll adopt a child. It could be a stressed out woman who isn't able to support a child, or it could be the child himself. I oug...