Nikita Busic

Hey Ya'll, Hey!

I’m Nikita, a small-town girl with big dreams and way too much life experience in my short 32 years. I am a mama to two wild+crazy rambunctious little boys and wife to my best friend ♥

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Raising Exceptional
14 days ago
Hey Y'all, Hey! After a beautiful weekend with my family, I have something very close to my heart that I want to share. My 9-year-old is one of a kind ❤️ There are days when I question if I am doing t...
An Open Letter to My Youngest Son
14 days ago
To my youngest son, My sweet boy, there are days I feel like my life is just a blur and sometimes you get lost in the mix. My time and attention seem to be consumed with helping your brother, school p...
Confessions of a Hot Mess Mom
a month ago
Hey Y'all, Hey! I want to always be transparent with my readers, so there is something I must confess. I AM A HOT MESS MOM! I am always late for EVERYTHING! When we finally do arrive, we stumble out o...