Naima Elmi

I am a twenty-eight-year-old Londoner. I a mother to my beautiful daughter. I have been writing poetry for over a decade now. My passion is sharing my experiences through words. 

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All About the Birds and the Bees
5 months ago
We have all watched a scene in a movie or a TV show where a confident parent tries to prepare their growing child for the changes to come. As the child sits there in horror not wanting to have such a ...
The Travelling Baby
a year ago
When I made a passport for my two month old, many of my mothers friends and my own thought I was mad. However I knew I still wanted to see the world and that having my daughter would not hold me back....
What If I Never Left Somalia?
a year ago
Being a Londoner is a big part of who I am; however, I was always deeply rooted with my Somalinimo. This was thanks to my parents who themselves had a profound love for their motherland, a place they ...
The Birth of My Firstborn
a year ago
Anxiety, sleepless nights, and fear. As my due date approached, I felt all those things and more. I am sure most expecting mothers do. The fear of losing your unborn baby that you've carried for nine ...