Michelle Schultz

I'm mostly an editorial writer. I love to share my opinions and experiences. I don't hold back and I swear so if you take offense easily, my articles probably aren't for you. I'm a single mom just trying to stay sane.  

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Thoughts of a Single Mom
a day ago
The alarm goes off at six. I have about thirty minutes to get ready but the very first thing I do is start the coffee maker. I don't even bother putting on normal pants. I stay in my pajamas and just ...
The First Holiday
23 days ago
Thanksgiving is so close. This year has not been easy for me, and for a lot of those that are close to me. We lost a significant number of very important people this year. The holidays will not be the...
Why My Daughter Growing Up Scares the Shit Out of Me
23 days ago
My daughter is two-years-old. She is beautiful and happy. I am so blessed that I have such a happy baby. She smiles at everyone but screams for me. Timeout isn't my favorite but she's smart and beginn...
Yes, Baby Boomers Had it Easier than Millennials
23 days ago
Recently, I had a disagreement with my dad. See, we had an agreement back when I started high school that he would either pay for a wedding or for my college tuition. I plan to spend a boatload of my ...
What It's like to Be the Child of a Single Parent
a month ago
I don't think I've actually said it to him. I never said thank you. Never said thank you for raising me alone. I know I didn't make it easy. I know I was frustrating from day one, but he did it. My da...
Today We Buried My Grandma
2 months ago
Today we buried my grandma. I couldn't have been more appalled. I knew she had passed away, obviously, but it really didn't hit me until I was there, standing at her casket. I don't know why. I was th...