Michelle Schultz

I'm mostly an editorial writer. I love to share my opinions and experiences. I don't hold back and I swear so if you take offense easily, my articles probably aren't for you. I'm a single mom just trying to stay sane.  

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Today We Buried My Grandma
2 days ago
Today we buried my grandma. I couldn't have been more appalled. I knew she had passed away, obviously, but it really didn't hit me until I was there, standing at her casket. I don't know why. I was th...
Raising My Daughter Religiously
2 days ago
Religion and I have never quite seen eye to eye. I was raised in a Catholic church, not super strictly or anything—we weren't at church every single Sunday or anything. But my dad always sat with us a...
30 Journal Entries to Self Discovery—Day 20
3 days ago
Hello all! Welcome to day twenty and day twenty-one! Yesterday was a little chaotic and I missed my writing time so here I am! I'm sorry if you actually missed me yesterday. But you get two of me toda...
5 days ago
I am 100 percent for making your child sleep in their own bed. I was the first to announce that I was never going to co-sleep with my child. Whether they were 6-months-old or 5-years, it wasn't going ...
Childcare Nightmare
13 days ago
I'm a working mom. It's awful. However, I have no choice. I have yet to accomplish my dreams of writing the next great book series like the Harry Potter series, so until then I must go to work. My dau...
30 Journal Entries to Self Discovery - Day 10
19 days ago
Hello, hope everyone's having a great week! Sorry for the late post this morning from day nine, technical difficulties. But welcome to day ten and thanks for following still. Here's the quote for the ...