Michelle Schultz

I'm mostly an editorial writer. I love to share my opinions and experiences. I don't hold back and I swear so if you take offense easily, my articles probably aren't for you. I'm a single mom just trying to stay sane.  

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My Daughter's Valentine's Day
2 months ago
I have never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. I believe it's a hallmark holiday and makes a lot of people feel bad. Some people celebrate it with their family, and our community center always does ...
My Dinner Guest
3 months ago
I am currently applying for jobs. I was at an interview recently and was asked a rather odd question that seriously made me think. They asked me this; given the choice of anyone in the world, who woul...
I Bribe My Kid
4 months ago
Recently, I have started potty training my toddler. 'Recently' is a loosely used term. I tried a lot of different methods. I read three different books. I talked to a lot of moms who are doing the sam...
Thoughts of a Single Mom
4 months ago
The alarm goes off at six. I have about thirty minutes to get ready but the very first thing I do is start the coffee maker. I don't even bother putting on normal pants. I stay in my pajamas and just ...
The First Holiday
5 months ago
Thanksgiving is so close. This year has not been easy for me, and for a lot of those that are close to me. We lost a significant number of very important people this year. The holidays will not be the...
Why My Daughter Growing Up Scares the Shit Out of Me
5 months ago
My daughter is two-years-old. She is beautiful and happy. I am so blessed that I have such a happy baby. She smiles at everyone but screams for me. Timeout isn't my favorite but she's smart and beginn...