Michelle Schultz

I'm mostly an editorial writer. I love to share my opinions and experiences. I don't hold back and I swear so if you fucking take offense easily, my articles probably aren't for you. Single mom just trying to stay sane. Styx are my escape.  

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Mom, Where's My Dad?
4 months ago
To my daughter: Dear baby, I know one day you're going to ask me where your dad is. It's okay. You're allowed to be curious. I have no idea how to answer this question without hurting you and I think ...
Bad Parenting
8 months ago
I am a single mom. My day begins and ends with picking up toys. Harry the Bunny's theme song is stuck in my head for 90 percent of the morning. My "me time" consists of a bubble bath where I'm turning...
Being Thankful for Family
8 months ago
With the holidays coming up, a lot of us are thinking about family. We're either thinking about how much we're dreading spending so much fucking time together, or trying to remember how thankful we ar...