Meagan Hagerman

Mother to an amazing son, artist, writer, vlogger 

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Mommy Not So Dearest Part 3
10 months ago
Learning just how deep all the hiding and the lies went with my mother, couldn’t have come at a worse time in my life. We were all still grieving the traumatic loss of my dad. Never be the type to kee...
Mommy Not So Dearest Part 2
a year ago
Needless to say the affair I was trying to stay out of didn’t end. But my very early and young marriage did end, unfortunately. I moved from St. Louis back home to Minnesota to stay with my family dur...
Mommy Not so Dearest Part 1
a year ago
I always loved the words used in The Crow movie, “Mother means God in the mouths of children.” That always resonated with me from such a tender age on. In my opinion, some mothers just aren’t meant to...
The Grieving Process
a year ago
My memorial weekend was rather uneventful in 2016. My parents went off to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Colorado over the holiday, and my son and I were looking over the farm for them while aw...