Mari-Louise Speirs

I'm a happily married Mum to four adult children and Nana to six grandchildren. I love writing, reading, movies, dining out, and spending quality time with my family.
Step-Children Don’t Like You? Don’t Worry, It’s Normal
2 months ago
I left an abusive marriage more than 30 years ago when my three children were quite young. The following two years were spent repairing the damaged relationships with my sons, who had all but been ign...
Parenting Without Using Physical Punishment
2 months ago
As promised in my last article, I’d like to share some ways of parenting children without using physical punishment that I learned both as a parent and a grandparent. This article is not designed to c...
Why Smacking Children Can Be Physically and Emotionally Dangerous
2 months ago
Physical punishment damages the bond between parent and child because it’s not natural to feel love toward someone who hurts us. This reasoning should be sufficient to stop any parent hitting a child,...
To Smack or Not to Smack?
2 months ago
The debate on smacking is an interesting one in as much as there are not many fence-sitters on this subject: people either have no problem with it at all, saying “I was smacked as a child and it didn’...