I am a mom of one angel baby and expecting a rainbow. I know I am lucky to know what happened last time and have a fix for it. Just sharing my experience in hopes to help others in similar situations. 

After C-Section
7 months ago
Now, everyone's experience with any surgery is different. Some have it easier, and some have it worse. Just sharing my two week post-cesarean experience.
My Hospital Bag
7 months ago
YouTube has a few people who make videos about what is in their hospital bags. Here, I’m sharing what I packed and what I won’t next time, because I overpacked. Partially because I didn’t want to be u...
Take Moments for Each Other
7 months ago
It's been a week since the arrival of our daughter, and already I can see how easy it is for couples to forget about each other. At the hospital, you have all the support you need: Nurses, techs, doct...
Pregnancy Without My Mom
8 months ago
Having a baby is supposed to be a time where you get to bond with your mother. You learn about pregnancy with her, what it is it like, and she can drive you crazy with all the love she'll give you dur...
Touring Labor and Delivery
8 months ago
The labor and delivery ward is an exciting place to be. It brings babies into the world. Hospitals are often associated with death and illness. For any couple expecting, it is important to tour the la...
Mom Shaming
9 months ago
As a mother expecting the first baby she is bringing home, there is one thing I have noticed: Mom shaming! There are always people who want to judge you for things, even before you give birth. I'll ad...