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Paper Houses
a year ago
When I was eight years old my father told me that we had money problems and so I brought him my piggy bank. What was only pennies and dimes to most were riches to me? Even with what meagre savings I h...
The Baby Aisle
a year ago
Shallow footsteps carry me down the winding row of plastic-wrapped objects. The smell of baby-powder tickling my nose like the memory of childhood. In the heart of the aisle, I am five years old again...
Absent, Not Gone
a year ago
“It’s you and me against the world.” Those were the words my grandfather would often utter when I padded downstairs to kiss him goodnight. He was a quiet man who rarely indulged in idle conversation, ...
a year ago
I keep a bunny in a bag in my desk drawer. There is a bunny in a bag inside a square little drawer, a childhood memory tucked away like a textbook that has been forgotten to be used. She sits there li...