Lucinda Koza

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I've been obsessed with storytelling my whole life, studying and working as an actor until the innovation and endless possibility of technology pulled me in.

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Brainstorm, Now Earthquake
21 days ago
For the first time in my life, I can feel myself aging. I can feel the heavy weight of tragedy, of hardship, of something there is no answer for, drag me down slowly, slowly, further, further, more sl...
Brainstorms (Literally)
a month ago
I fight with whether writing about this is distasteful, but that’s just a storm in my brain, and I have to at least try to weather this storm. My dad in the above video is a white kid in 1970 arguing for black candidates to be able to run for office in South Carolina. This so encapsulates who he was — fighting loudly for the underdog, with rhetoric and speech-writing and speech-giving skills that he must have studied and learned from his preacher father as well as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. him...