Laurie Ferguson

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Life is a mixed bag of tricks! I have been fortunate enough to live a life filled with stories! I rode my bicycle cross country, was a stay at home mom, became a widow at 46, did a tough mudder at 57 and survived a life-threatening illness!

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Children as Teachers
2 days ago
The day I realized that children could, and perhaps should, dress like children, and not like a model off the pages of a magazine, was the day my daughter wanted to wear her recital gown to the grocer...
“Get Em’ Up Scout”
11 days ago
A sense of peace struck a chord deep within me as if I were a baby being held safely against my mother's breast. The summers of my childhood came flooding back as I stood recapturing my father's image...
That Old Truck Smell
14 days ago
I was driving my husband’s truck this morning for the first time since his death, four years ago. My son, embarking shortly on getting his driver's license was excited and persistent to finally regist...