Lakeyia L

I love being a mom of two energized boys and I love to write. I am working on a book and I am actually just writing a few articles and blogs for my portfolio. I am easy to talk to and get along with. Hope you like what I have to write. :)

Parenting Made Easy
8 months ago
When it comes to parenting there is no book or magazine that teaches you how to do it. You can actually make parenting fun and easy if you just follow what you know and go from there.
Stay-at-Home Mothers or Fathers
8 months ago
Being a stay at home mom or dad is one of the most rewarding things you can do and also the hardest. I say this because there are a number of things that can make this job hard for many mothers in gen...
Staying In Touch with Family
9 months ago
When it comes to talking to your family, you may live in another area or clear across the sea, so make sure that you know how to keep in touch with your family when needed. Here are a few ways you can...