Kayleigh Sayer

Hello All-

I'm a 25-year-old mother from Houston, Texas. My blogs are all based on my personal struggles raising a baby with a rare genetic disorder.

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The Answer, the Diagnosis, the Heartbreak
a year ago
After Ryder's liver biopsy clarified that he didn't have Biliary Atresia, I went through a stage of resentment. Don't get me wrong, I was beyond grateful that he wouldn't need a liver transplant, but ...
The Next 4 Months
a year ago
The Best Day of My Life My pregnancy had been the longest and most difficult phase of my life but as soon as induction day arrived, it was a blur. I remember seeing Ryder's face for the first time and...
1 in 150,000
a year ago
“1 in 150,000 chance,” is what the doctor told us when describing the rarity of my son's new diagnosis, Zellweger spectrum disorder. All we knew was that this disorder was caused by mutated genes, and...