Jordan Casarez

Owner of JuggernautSC LLC on Oahu, HI. I grew up playing sport(mostly baseball and football) and have been a performance coach at for over 8 years. 

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The Unspoken Speech
23 days ago
Dear My Amazing Wife, On my birthday, we connected. It was more than I was even ready for but we connected. I truly felt it was as if God himself called you to me and said, “Here’s the answer to your ...
Dear Daughter
3 months ago
Dear daughter, I was only 23 and I had NO clue what to do upon your birth. I remember you were brought into this world by a young man who hadn’t figured out his own path in this world, but was determi...
The Everyday Mom: The Real Superheroes
3 months ago
Today’s the day where everyone in the world celebrates their mom, aunties, sisters and anyone who’s ever brought the life of a child into this world. The life of a mother is one of super hero quality....