Jodi Roberts

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Losing a Loved One
10 months ago
The death of a loved one is possibly the hardest thing a person will ever have to go through in their lifetime. There are so many books to assist you through your grieving. When a loved one dies you r...
My Daughter
10 months ago
The love of a child is probably the best gift you will ever get in your lifetime. As a parent when looking back at your life, like flipping the pages of an old photo album, your child will fill so man...
Unending Pain Part Two
10 months ago
The unending pain that I felt after losing my daughter, never seemed to offer me a light at the end of the tunnel. I had made all the necessary calls the day I held her for the last time. I notified f...
Unending Pain
a year ago
I have never been more shocked then I was that morning when I walked into my daughter's bedroom. Nothing in my life had ever prepared me for such a horrific sight. In my eyes, the blood seemed to cons...
Learning to Let Go
a year ago
About a year after graduating high school I went off to college. Oh my gosh, I loved it! I had high hopes and big dreams to fulfill. I was following the plan. You know the one. School, career, marry t...