JM Cox

I'm a father, husband, teacher, student, scholar, and in general an extremely curious individual who loves to share thoughts and discoveries with others.

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Dads Aren't Babysitters
a year ago
Let’s try to make sure this question stops being asked: “Oh, is your husband babysitting?” We’ve come a long way from the era of mothers as caregivers and fathers as providers. In many families, both ...
5 Kids Shows that Parents HATE
a year ago
Even the best kids show can grow annoying if it becomes your child’s favorite, but parents, siblings, relatives, and babysitters know that while some kids shows are alright, and occasionally even enjo...
Daddy, How Do People Get Made?
a year ago
As I’m getting set up for a living room work out, I ask my daughter, “Hey, you want to work out with Daddy?” She looks up, and as she jams a cheeto into her mouth, says, “As soon as I’m done filling u...