Jerrie DeRose

12 yrs Early Childhood Ed Consult; author 10 yrs, 2017 summer intern, newsletter column 'Surviving Parenthood Intact' 7 yrs, polit & fam advocate, Parent supp tech MH center, political-family advocate, mod Dem

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Cooking Up Some Math, Geography, and Science With Kids
3 months ago
What child doesn't like to cook? A kitchen is an ideal place for young children and adolescents to learn, or hone, their math, geography, and science skills. Working together in a home environment not...
Finding a Childcare Center that Provides a Safe and Healthy Environment for Children
3 months ago
Parents can never do too much to make sure that their child, or the child of a friend or relative, will be cared for in a healthy and safe childcare environment. The following guidelines will assist p...